15 Must-Have Stroller Accessories

15 Must Have Stroller Accessories

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One of the most important, and sometimes stressful, purchases that new parents make is a stroller. The stroller will hold that precious baby during shopping trips, walks, outdoor adventures, meals with friends, vacations, and so much more. Baby’s comfort and the comfort of mom, dad, and other caregivers all have to factor into this decision.

But it is not just the stroller itself! New parents will soon discover that there is a plethora of stroller accessories available. These pram accessories are designed to make the experience more enjoyable and easier for both caregivers and the baby.

The sheer number of available stroller accessories can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. We break down fifteen of the best stroller accessories on the market, taking into consideration functionality, affordability, portability, and ease of use.

First, we will look at items that help keep babies safer and more comfortable from weather and other hazards. Then, we will survey some functional stroller accessories to make parents’ lives easier. Finally, we will finish up with pram accessories that will help keep babies happy and entertained while in their strollers.

As you browse these absolutely genius stroller accessories, keep one important factor in mind: not all stroller accessories are compatible with all strollers. Sometimes, even items that claim to be universal are not. Read product descriptions and check out the reviews and customer questions sections to make sure that the accessory you want will work with the stroller you have.

Stroller Padding

Extra Padding (a “Snuggler”)

As you read reviews and product descriptions of strollers, many will likely state that their strollers are comfortable for the baby. So why do you need any extra padding? For one thing, newborns need a lot of head support since their necks are not strong enough to hold up their heads. For head support only, try this inexpensive “Noggin’ Nest” that comes in several different designs.

For a full-body stroller accessory, this Versatile Snuggler grows with your child through the toddler years. It comes with inserts that you add or remove as your child’s body changes. It is reversible, washable, and breathable in warmer weather, and it can be used in a car seat as well as the stroller.

Extra padding as a stroller accessory offers not only additional comfort for baby, but it protects your stroller from leaky diapers, diaper blow-outs, and spit up. Try this durable, Washable Light Snuggler that is specially designed for summertime.

Stroller Cover

Weather Cover or Mosquito Net

Outdoorsy parents, especially runners, might be used to braving the elements. However, your baby is not, so some added protection from the elements is a must, especially if you plan to be out on rainy, snowy, windy, or muggy days. This stroller accessory is especially great for caregivers in urban homes who do a lot of walking for transportation and have no choice but to bring baby out into the elements.

For a stroller accessory that protects your baby from all kinds of weather, try this universal cover, which provides shelter from not only rain and snow, but also dust, wind, and cold.

This two-in-one model can also be used as a mosquito net. With universal sizing, all round protection, mesh window and easy install, this is must by as for stroller accessories.

This inexpensive mosquito net can be used not only on the stroller but on car seats, bassinets, and pack-and-plays, making it a great option for caregivers in open-air environments.

Bunting Bag

Bunting Bag

An uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby, so if you want to be able to spend time outdoors in the winter (or even cold fall days), a bunting bag such as this one makes a great stroller accessory. Or, try this JJ Cole Bunting Bag, which is very popular with parents.

Bunting bags are a far superior alternative to blankets, which can slide off and quickly become dirty on the ground. They can also provide your baby with added security, in the same way that swaddling does.

While a bunting bag might be optional for suburban parents, it is probably a must for city caregivers who have to walk to work, the store, daycare, and other essential places. Try this heavy-duty model that can also cover the baby’s head.

As a side note, be sure to take your baby out of the bunting bag before putting them in their car seat. Heavy clothing or blankets of any kind are not safe in car seats.

Buggy Boards

Buggy Boards

While this stroller accessory may seem more like an entertainment item, it is actually very important for safety for families with more than one child. Once your older child is mobile, a buggy board such as the Lascal Max is a great option.

Buggy boards attach to the back of a regular stroller and allow your older child to stand on it and ride along with you. Check before you purchase to make sure that the buggy board is compatible with your particular stroller.

A buggy board has a lot of advantages. For one thing, if your child is too big to ride in a stroller but too small to keep up for long walking distances, the buggy board is a perfect solution. Some models, such as Child Rider, actually come with small seats in case the big kid needs to take a break.

Buggy boards also allow your big kid to feel like a big kid and better explore the world around them by seeing all around them and being able to hop on and off.

There are some aspects of the Buggy Boards to be aware of before buying one. For one thing, there are risks if your child falls off. You will want to make sure that you practice riding it with your child somewhere safe before taking it in public.

You also need to be able to trust your child to stay on the board when you need them to do so. It requires a certain level of maturity that only you know if your child has. If they don’t, they can certainly learn, and the fun of riding the buggy board is great motivation!

Stroller Misting Fan

Portable Fan or Misting Fan

Just as it is important to keep your baby warm in cold weather, it is equally as important that they stay cool in hot weather. There are stroller accessories to help with this as well. You can buy an inexpensive fan such as this Sky Genius that will attach to your stroller and circulate air around your baby.

There are also fans with more unique attachment mechanisms; this Mini Handlebar Fan that coils anywhere on the stroller for more ease of use. As a bonus, most of these fans can be repurposed on a desk or around the house when your child outgrows their stroller.

In addition, this Misting Fan can go one step further toward keeping your baby cool by giving them a little cool, refreshing water on their skin. That said, use these items (especially the misting fan) with caution; they will not prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke when temperatures are very high.

Misting fans are not just stroller accessories for baby! Mom and Dad get hot outside, too. This misting fan fits in a cup holder to keep caregivers cool as well.

Pram Lights

Safety Lights and Flashlight

This stroller accessory is great for parents who plan to take evening walks or who may use their stroller for nighttime events, such as outdoor concerts. Stroller lights such as these easily attach to your baby’s stroller and give them some pizzazz. They can help light your way as well as alert oncoming traffic to your presence.

Think outside the box and purchase lights not made specifically for strollers, such as these LED clip lights. That way, when your child is older, you can repurpose the lights for other uses.

Another option is reflective lighting for your stroller, which will not provide you with a lot of light but will make your stroller more visible to cars. There are traditional reflective lights, reflective sticker lights that you can attach anywhere on the stroller, and reflective bands that the caregiver can wear themselves or put on the stroller as well.

Finally, you may also want to buy a portable flashlight as a stroller accessory. This item might come in handy when you are out at night, or even when your child loses something in their seat and you need some extra light to retrieve it for them.

For even more security, consider a stroller lock that can later be used on your child’s bicycle.

Stroller Muffs

Hand Muffs

This is probably the silliest-looking stroller accessory on this list, but parents in cold weather environments rave about it. Essentially, these glove-like accessories attach to the handle of your stroller, and you can slide your hands in and out of them as needed.

Why not just wear gloves? Well, think about how many times you take your gloves on and off to use your phone, do something for your baby, or grab something from your bag. This handy item saves you that trouble. They are also available specifically for joggers.

Pram Hooks

Extra Hooks

This stroller accessory is a no-brainer. Extra hooks allow you to safely hang diaper bags, purses, and other items from your stroller. As a bonus, they can also make it more difficult for thieves to swipe bags off of your stroller when your back is turned.

These are especially great for city parents who walk to grocery stores and convenience stores. You can buy fancy, stroller-specific models such as this hook by Baby Uma or this one, both highly rated. The Mommy Hook is popular with parents and caregivers and can be used on the stroller or by itself (check out the product images).

Alternatively, get creative and use a simple carabiner, such as this model, just make sure you measure your handles circumference to make sure it fits!).

Stroller Cup Holder

Universal Cup Holders and Phone Holders

Parents and caregivers need their caffeine! A universal cup holder is a stroller accessory must-have. While many strollers come with a built-in cup holder, those are sometimes not large enough or sturdy enough for parents on the go. In addition, you may want an extra cup holder such as this one for your friend’s or partner’s beverage.

This flexible model can attach almost anywhere on the stroller and collapses when not in use. When your baby is older, you can repurpose it for use on a treadmill, bike, or beach chair. You may also be able to get a stroller organizer with a cup holder built in (see item #11).

In a similar way, some strollers come with a tray for your phone, but a model such as Emmzoe Smartphone holder is more secure in order to protect your phone. In addition, phone holders allow you to see messages and notifications without having to dig through your bag or stop walking. Once again, you can use it on a bike or in your car when your child grows older.

Stroller Bags

Stroller Carrier Bag

This stroller accessory is especially great for parents who like to travel. Items such as this keep your stroller safely contained after you gate-check it and make your stroller easily recognizable from all the others when you arrive at your destination. In addition, the carrying strap on this My Easy Travel Bag makes your stroller much more portable.

Finally, if you plan to do a lot of “off-roading” with baby, your bag will keep your car clean. Alternatively, think about buying a backseat or Trunk Mat to protect your car’s materials from dirt from stroller wheels.

Stroller Organizer

Stroller Organizer

Of all the stroller accessories on this list, there is probably no other item with as many options as a stroller organizer (with the exception, maybe, of stroller toys). This Skip Hop Stroller Organizer with Cup Holders is very popular with parents and comes with a cup holder. It includes a detachable wristlet so you can carry your most important valuables, such as car keys, phone, and wallet, on your person when you step away from the stroller.

Other organizers that parents and caregivers love include Ethan & Emma Organiser, which can convert to a shoulder bag. This Universal Model has a special pocket for diaper wipes or disinfectant wipes, and finally one with a Anti-slip Straps is a bit roomier than average.

Stroller Toys

Stroller Toys

When it comes to stroller accessories, toys top the list. There are tons of great stroller toys available on the market for kids of many ages. The trick is finding ones that especially appeal to your little one.

Simple, plush toys are best for newborns and young infants. This bear has teething rings on it, which may come in handy when your baby starts to teethe. Little babies love rattles, such as this adorable plush avocado rattle. Infants also enjoy looking at themselves in a mirror, so an attachment with a mirror is a great item for this age.

As your baby grows, they may need a bit more entertainment from their stroller accessories. Interactive toys keep babies entertained. Stroller toys such as this toy, which plays music, and this cool Spiral Stroller Toy options also help parents avoid dreaded screen time while on the go.

Portable white noise machine

Portable White Noise Machine

Some babies are light sleepers and need quiet in order to rest. A portable white noise machine allows parents to be out and about during naptime. It is a wonderful stroller accessory for busy parents and caregivers.

Additionally, if you plan to use a white noise machine in your nursery, the familiar sound can provide comfort for your child. And as a bonus, this small version is easier to bring along when travelling or if your baby is spending the day or night with a sitter or family members. There are also small sound machines in the shape of animals, such as this one, which also doubles as a night light.

Stroller Toy Fasteners

Toy Fasteners/Securers

Especially as your little one gets older, they will want to bring along their favorite toys from home wherever you go. But as any experienced parent will tell you, lost toys can sometimes result in epic meltdowns and tantrums, making toy fasteners important stroller accessories.

These fasteners prevent your child from losing their prized possessions. As a bonus, toy fasteners also work very well to secure pacifiers, sippy cups, and other important items.

Stroller Snack Tray

Stroller Snack Tray

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the best stroller accessories, is a snack tray. As a parent or caregiver, you will start carrying snacks and drinks in abundant varieties once your little one starts to eat solid food.

Be ready to accommodate their growing bodies’ needs with a snack try such as this one. This handy item can be used not only on your stroller but can also attach to other surfaces, such as a restaurant highchair or a car seat. As a bonus, it is dishwasher safe.

Most stroller models and brands sell their own snack tray attachments that fit nicely with their products. Visit your stroller’s manufacturer’s website to learn more.

One Final Note

The parenting keyword is flexibility! There is no possible way to have everything you will ever need for your baby before they arrive. Be patient and be prepared to learn and shop as you go. 

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