One of the most important items you can have on hand when you’re a parent is strollers. 

Whether you’re spending time at the park or are traveling in the airport, strollers are convenient for transporting your little one around and allowing them to remain comfortable. When you’re preparing to find the right product for your child, there are a few important facts to learn in advance.

What Is a Baby Stroller?

This type of baby product is designed to transport a child up to three years of age and is considered to be a hand-pushed vehicle. It puts the child in a sitting position where they’re facing forward. Many of the strollers recline to allow the baby or infant to nap as they’re transported.

Baby strollers often feature car seat adapters and are available in all different sizes. They often come with many features to offer a higher level of accommodation. Many strollers feature up to four seats for transporting multiple children.

Types of Strollers

There are a variety of options available with the different types of strollers that are sold on the market. The strollers continue to evolve over time and have more capabilities than in past years.

Lightweight umbrella strollers are designed for everyday use when you’re heading to the park or are going on a walk. They have a simple design and are ideal for short-term use if you don’t plan to bring a lot with you. The compact and slim size of this type of product makes it easy to store in the back of your vehicle at all times.

Umbrella strollers weigh less than 15 pounds and often come with shoulder straps to make them easier to carry. They’re easy to fold and come with a partial seat recline feature, storage basket, cupholder, and an expandable canopy.

If you plan to spend a day at the zoo or an amusement park, heavier, more functional strollers will offer more accommodation. Full-sized strollers can be used for many years as your toddler transitions from being a baby into a toddler. 

This type of child product is known to be larger and sturdier and can come with all types of features. Full-size strollers often feature cup holders, snack trays, and wide padding for the child to stay comfortable. Many full-size strollers even recline to ensure the child can nap and sleep while on the go.

Additional features you can find with different full-size models include expandable canopies, a storage basket underneath, telescoping handlebars for different heights of adults, sturdy tires with durable suspension, a car seat attachment, the option of mounting the seat backward or forward, and a convertible design that allows the child to continue to use it as they grow.

Those who enjoy exercising and taking outdoor adventures can consider investing in a jogger stroller, which has excellent suspension to ensure it delivers a smooth ride for the child. They feature a front-wheel swivel for increased flexibility. 

The product is heavier and can fold to make it easy to fit in a trunk or the back of a vehicle. They’re wider than full-size strollers and have the ability to recline. There are many storage compartments for diapers, snacks, wipes, and small toys to take on the go. A storage basket underneath the seat is also available for extra items.

Double strollers are also a common option for those who have more than one child they want to transport. They have an ample amount of storage space because they include two seats. Depending on the model, children can sit side-by-side or in front of one another.

When Should I Get My Baby a Stroller?

Strollers are useful once the child has the ability to support their head and sit up on their own, close to three months old. Upright strollers are an ideal option for five to seven-month-olds. You can also look for strollers that carry your baby’s car seat when they’re a newborn to ensure you can begin going on walks and they have enough support for their entire body.

You can also talk to your pediatrician about their recommendations based on your child’s growth and development. Some strollers even come with adapters to support smaller babies to ensure they fit securely and have the necessary support to stay safe as they spend time in the seat.

Where Do We Buy Baby Strollers?

Strollers are available at all types of baby stores, both in-store and online. You can check out reputable stores like to discover the models that are newer on the market.

You can even find various types of strollers that are available for sale online. Many stores have set up their businesses online so that it’s convenient for customers to buy from them. A quick online search can fetch you more than enough results to help you find the perfect stroller.

How We Chose Our Best Strollers

You can choose the best products by reading reviews posted by other parents to get an idea of their opinions based on their personal experience. Video tutorials are also available online, which will show you how to assemble each product and how to make it fold when you’re transporting it. Many review websites offer an in-depth look at the different features available to ensure you can find a model that is specific to your needs and how you plan to use it in the future.

It’s important to test out each option in person to ensure you can see the size and take it for a spin before making the investment. This will give you an idea of how well the wheels roll and the quality of the materials. You can push it around to determine how comfortable it feels and if it requires a lot of strength to move forward.

Understanding the different types of strollers are available and how they function can make it easier to make the right selection for your needs. Learning about the versatile design can allow you to get more use out of the product when you’re caring for your child and are exploring new settings.