Best Strollers For Big Kids 2021

Best Strollers for Big Kids

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Best Strollers for Big Kids 2021

Ask any parent, and they will likely extol the virtues of a good stroller for their young children. Strollers make it easier for the whole family to move around. They keep kids contained and easier to entertain since they have their own space. Strollers also help keep kids safe since they can’t wander off from their families when they are in a stroller.

But what about strollers for big kids? No, not teenagers (as much as parents may want to keep those big kids contained!), but children about ages three to five and beyond. These kids have likely outgrown the strollers purchased for them when they were born, but they are still prone to wandering and can have difficulty keeping up with a mobile family.

Parents and caregivers might wonder whether it is appropriate to put children this age in strollers. Everyone must make decisions for their own family and children, but in general, strollers for big kids can make many experiences more enjoyable by prolonging the amount of time that these kids are able to be out and about. They can also reduce stress on caregivers for keeping kids safe. That way, everyone has a better time.

There are several great options on the market for big kid strollers. In this article, we will look at some of the most highly rated and most popular big kid strollers available for sale on Amazon and evaluate the pros and cons of each.

If you want to learn more about any of these strollers or see pictures, click on the handy links provided. You may also want to visit manufacturers’ websites before you make your final choice.

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Stroller Wagons

Starting off with something bit unorthodox, a great option for parents and caregivers looking for a stroller for big kids is a wagon. These days, there are many models on the market that were made with mobile families in mind. They have similar safety and convenience features as regular strollers but offer more space and versatility.

Wonderfold Wagon


The Wonderfold Wagon is a relatively large wagon designed to safely hold up to four children.



  • The open-air design of this wagon allows children to see all around them, not limiting their range of sight like a traditional stroller.
  • Generally, children of all ages, including big kids, enjoy riding in a wagon, so your child will have fun.
  • The nature of a wagon design allows families to transport many other items in the wagon with the big kid or big kids.
  • This wagon is very roomy, making it great for larger families, particularly those with three or more children. It is also a good option for social families who frequently host friends.
  • By the same token, big kids can bring along favorite toys, security blankets, or a tablet and have those items easily accessible without crowding their space.
  • Children can lay down in the wagon and nap if they need to.
  • This wagon comes with a detachable canopy, providing shade and shelter from heat if needed. The sides are mesh, allowing air circulation to keep kids cool. The seats are raised, further aiding in air circulation inside the wagon.
  • There is a zipper door, making it easy for big kids to climb in and out. This also saves caregivers (especially grandparents) from having to lift older children.
  • There are a number of safety features, including harnesses and a pedal brake that makes it easy to slow down or stop quickly.
  • There are pockets and a basket on the outside for adult use, out of the reach of children in the wagon.
  • The wheels are heavy-duty, turn easily, and will not deflate over time.
  • This wagon can accommodate a very heavy load. It can safely carry up to 280 pounds, which greatly expands its potential uses.
  • This is a versatile item. Once children outgrow it, the wagon can still be used for multiple purposes, such as trips to the beach, hauling sports equipment, picnics, and storage.


  • While this wagon folds up and is relatively easy to transport, it is large and somewhat bulky once it is set up and has kids in it; it is not always easy to navigate in crowds with this product.
  • On a similar note, the wagon is somewhat heavy even when empty. It weighs nearly fifty pounds by itself.
  • The open-air design means that it is easy for items to fall out or be thrown out of the wagon by the child.
  • The reduced containment means that spills may happen more frequently.
  • This product is expensive compared to others on this list. Its list price is almost $600.
  • While there are detachable seats and harnesses, if they are not used, the risk of injury becomes greater.
  • If more than one child is in the wagon, there is always potential for sibling or friendly rivalries or even fights to erupt, since they will be able to touch or kick each other.
  • According to some customer reviews, this is not the best product if parents or caregivers are tall. The handlebar sits low and they report having to hunch over to push the wagon.

Radio Flyer Convertible Wagon


This wagon is a smaller and less expensive wagon compared to the Wonderfold. It is from the maker of the traditional red metal wagon and offers some unique features.



  • The Radio Flyer Wagon offers both a push and pull option for parents and caregivers. They can push from the back with a traditional stroller handle or pull from the front as with traditional wagons. The push handlebar is adjustable for shorter or taller caregivers.
  • This wagon comfortably accommodates two children and can hold up to 120 pounds, making it a viable option if one of your children is older.
  • The side of the wagon folds down, allowing your big kids to enjoy it as a bench. This bench feature is convenient if you plan to use the wagon somewhere such as a theme park, a parade, or fireworks display, where kids will have a place to sit and watch.
  • This wagon is relatively affordable. Its list price is just under $150. That is the best value on this list if you are looking for a high weight threshold.
  • The red signature Radio Flyer design is evocative of the company’s traditional design and may be nostalgic for parents, grandparents, and other older caregivers.
  • There are a number of safety features, including a foot brake, two harnesses, and a canopy which offers UV protection. The canopy can be used in wagon or bench mode.
  • This wagon can easily double as a traditional wagon, especially when kids outgrow it. Take it on family picnics, trips to the beach, or camping. The bench feature makes it especially convenient in these settings.


  • There is not a lot of storage available on the wagon for parents. Other than a couple cupholders, there are not a lot of places to put items where kids in the wagon can’t reach them.
  • The bench feature is not appropriate when the wagon is mobile as the harnesses cannot be used. This might be hard to explain to children who want to sit sideways while in motion.
  • This wagon is not as sturdy as some other models. It may be more prone to tipping over.
  • Children have more freedom in a wagon than in a traditional stroller. They may be more resistant to wearing restraints, be better able to reach a sibling or friend, may have more spills, and may lose items over the sides of the wagon.
  • The wagon is bulkier than a traditional stroller and more difficult to navigate, especially in crowds.

Stroller Options for Older Children or Children in Larger Bodies

Some families need the functionality of a traditional stroller even after their kids outgrow most strollers on the market. There are still several viable options available for children up to and beyond 100 pounds.

Maclaren Major Elite Push Chair

The Maclaren Major Elite Push Chair is a viable option for children of all sizes. It is specifically designed for children with special needs but is not limited to that use.




  • This is definitely a stroller for big kids. It can hold a child up to 110 pounds.
  • Especially given its size and weight capacity, the stroller itself is very lightweight at just under 17 pounds. It also folds down to a compact, portable size.
  • It has a detachable footrest so you do not have to worry about taller children dragging their feet on the ground or hurting their feet.
  • It has several safety features, including a five-point harness and a childproof brake.


  • This stroller is expensive, most likely because it is made of very good materials that allow it to be lightweight yet support a heavy capacity. It retails between $400 to $450.
  • This stroller gives parents and caregivers the bare minimum without any of the additional features of a traditional stroller, such as storage space and convertibility.
  • The stroller is designed to accommodate one child and nothing else. If your big kid likes to carry a security animal, tablet, or even a water bottle, this stroller does not have anywhere they can set those items down without losing them.
  • The fold-down capability is very functional but the stroller cannot be folded down with the footrest attached, which means that caregivers must first remove the footrest and are stuck with an extra item to carry when the stroller is not in use.

Yuwell Folding Wheelchair

While not technically a stroller, this wheelchair has many of the convenient features of a stroller (such as portability) and can certainly accommodate big kids too.




  • Since this chair is made for children and adults, it is suitable for children in larger bodies up to 165 pounds.
  • This product is made with durable, long-lasting materials, including aluminum alloy, which also means that it is very lightweight. It weighs only fourteen pounds.
  • This chair is very portable. In addition to its low weight, it quickly and easily folds down and comes with a shoulder bag for carrying. It fits comfortably in an airplane overhead compartment and other small spaces.
  • It has some important safety features, like a hand brake, foot brake, and seat belt.
  • It may have functionality for families beyond childhood since it can also be used as a traditional wheelchair.


  • Of course, this product is a wheelchair and not a stroller. Children might be embarrassed about riding in it, especially if they are much older.
  • Since it is a wheelchair, it is not specifically designed with the needs of caregivers of children in mind.
  • The seat belt is not a harness; it is just a lap belt. Therefore, it may not be appropriate for children who move around a lot.
  • Since this is a wheelchair, it is less confining than a stroller. Children may have an easier time reaching around or even climbing out of the chai

Strollers for Kids on the Go

As children grow, their desire to be active and engaged becomes more and more intense. These older kids need transportation options that allow them to exert energy and freedom to explore the world around them. On the other hand, their caregivers still need some control and a place for the kids to rest. These non-conventional strollers for big kids offer both.

Dream on Me Coast Stroller/Rider


This versatile stroller is relatively inexpensive and has the ability to grow with your child.



  • This big kid stroller converts for several different functions. It can be used as a traditional stroller, a rider, or a scooter, which means that your child may be able to enjoy it long after they outgrow traditional strollers.
  • This stroller is inexpensive. It is available from Amazon for well under $100.
  • Even when used as a stroller, this item is open, and allows children to have a 360-degree range of vision, making it perfect for touring.
  • When used as a stroller, the seat has a five-point safety harness.
  • This item is extremely lightweight; it weighs just 13.5 pounds. It also folds down and is virtually flat when completely stored.
  • This item grows with your child. As toddlers and young children, they can sit in the stroller with the straps; as preschoolers and young elementary schoolers they can use the rider; and then when they outgrow the rider, they can still use the item as a scooter.
  • This product is even more versatile if you buy a separate stroller strap. This item allows parents and caregivers to attach the rider to a traditional stroller using a Velcro strap.
  • The wheels are sturdy material, increasing the likelihood that kids and families can use this item for several years.


  • When used as a rider or a scooter, there is no harness or safety strap. Parents or caregivers may need to consider whether children need to wear helmets while using it.
  • Because it can be converted for all these different uses, the seat is not well padded and children may become uncomfortable if they sit in it for a long time.
  • Especially as a stroller and a rider, the maximum weight capacity for this item is only 45 pounds. Children may outgrow it before they are five or six years old.
  • It can be difficult and cumbersome to fold the product down completely, especially from the full stroller setting. Also, the handlebar must completely detach, making that another item to have to carry and running the risk of losing it.
  • Probably because it is designed to be compact, there are no extra storage spaces, pockets, or cupholders for caregivers.

Evenflo Stroller Rider Board

The Evenflo Stroller Rider Board is an attachment for an existing stroller. It is a flat, small attachment on two wheels that clips onto the back of a baby stroller. It is designed for older children to stand or sit upon as an adult pushes the stroller.




  • This product is a great option for kids who are walking well on their own but tire after a certain distance or amount of time, as it gives them an easy option to take a break.
  • The rider board is also great for children who love to explore. Parents don’t have to deal with buckling and unbuckling their active children whenever they want to get out of the big kid stroller to look around on their own.
  • The rider board is good for growing families. Littler children or babies can sit in the traditional stroller seat while big kids can ride, without having to buy a bulky double
  • Alternatively, parents of only children can extend the life of a stroller that their big kid has outgrown by purchasing this relatively inexpensive (around $60) attachment. Parents can then use the stroller seat for other items, such as groceries, sports equipment, and much more.
  • The rider board is also small, lightweight, and compact, making it easy to transport.


  • Probably the biggest con with the rider board is that the big kid is not contained. Parents and caregivers have little control over when or where the child decides to hop on or off.
  • The rider board requires extra adult supervision. Since there are no buckles, it is easy for your big kid to fall off, increasing the risk of minor or major injuries. You may want to consider purchasing a helmet for the big kid.
  • Sometimes parents or the person pushing the stroller can trip on the board. Since it attaches to the back of the stroller where parents/caregivers walk, it takes some getting used to.

Costzon Tricycle Stroller

4 In 1 Design – It can be assembled in 4 ways: infant tricycle, steering tricycle, learn-to-ride tricycle and classic tricycle, etc. You can assemble it according to your baby’s age and it will accompany them for a long period time.


  • This tricycle is a good value. Children can use it from the time that they are infants all the way up until they are ready to ride on their own.
  • There is a basket on the back of the tricycle that remains there during each phase, so even when your big kid is riding on their own, they can bring along their own water bottle, snacks, toys, etc.


  • While this product is marketed for babies and children, it does not have all of the safety features or benefits of a traditional baby stroller if you are looking to use it for that age group.
  • Similarly, by the time a child is four or five years of age, they will probably want to ride a more traditional bicycle. Even though they may still be appropriate for this tricycle in terms of size, they may mentally outgrow it sooner.
  • While your child is learning to steer and then pedal the tricycle, they may be able to fight their caregiver on speed and direction. This could be a level of control that they are not ready for.

Bike Trailers/Strollers

Bicycle trailers, which attach to the back of an adult-size bicycle, can be a perfect option for active families. Usually, these trailers also double as traditional jogger strollers, and their large baskets are good for big kids.

Allen Sports Bike Trailer and Stroller

This option is great for parents who are active and want to take their kids along on their outdoor adventures before they are ready to keep up with mom or dad on their own bikes.




  • This is a versatile option for active parents, since it can be used as a traditional stroller and can be attached to the back of an adult bicycle.
  • Compared to some other models, it is relatively light at just over 25 pounds.
  • After your children outgrow the seat and are able to ride their own bicycles alongside you, this product can still be attached to a bike and used to tow other equipment.
  • This stroller for big kids is equipped with detachable mesh sides and front. That way, kids can look around while being towed without risking them falling out or dropping anything out of the sides.
  • This product is moderately priced compared to other models.


  • If used as a bicycle trailer, adult riders will need to be fairly strong, since the stroller alone weighs just over 25 pounds before your child or any equipment is added in it.
  • When used as a trailer, parents or caregivers must have a certain degree of comfort and trust with their child’s behavior, since the child will not be visible behind the adult bicycle and turning 180 degrees to supervise them is not practical or safe while riding a bike.
  • Parents and caregivers may have less control over their child while they are inside this trailer and attached to a bike. If the child decided to stand up or misbehave in some way, the parent may be injured.
  • This product has a 50-pound maximum capacity, so depending on your child’s build, they may outgrow it early.

Nueven Bike Trailer and Jogger Stroller

This trailer and big kid stroller is another model that can be attached to a parent’s bicycle or can be used as a jogging stroller.




  • The Nueven model is relatively affordable, especially for a two-seater. It retails for under $200.
  • This big kid stroller is easily foldable and relatively portable, making it easy to bring along on vacations or car trips.
  • This trailer has a greater weight capacity than many others like it, as it is able to hold up to 88 pounds. In all likelihood, children will be able to use this stroller well beyond their fifth birthday.
  • This trailer has a roomy pouch underneath the seat, which easily stores personal items and other essentials.
  • The stroller comes equipped with a hand brake, which makes using it for jogging much easier.
  • In addition to the hand brake, other safety features include reflective strips and two five-point harnesses. It also comes with a hazard flag, which helps car drivers spot it on the road.
  • This stroller includes mesh on the sides and back and an optional sunroof, all to improve air circulation and facilitate your child’s enjoyment.
  • Once children outgrow the seat, this trailer can still be attached to an adult bicycle and used to tow other items, such as groceries or camping equipment.
  • This product comes with a cover to go over it when it is folded down and stored, keeping your car clean and protecting the stroller from debris in a garage or shed.


  • This trailer weighs approximately 35 pounds and this additional weight can be difficult to manage for an inexperienced adult bike rider.
  • The consumer must assemble this stroller themselves and the instructions are difficult to follow.
  • It is difficult to supervise children in trailers behind a caregiver’s bicycle, since it is unsafe for the parent to continue to turn around and look at the child. Make sure that your child is reliable enough to behave for the duration of the trip.
  • There are other risks that are inherent with any trailer such as this one. You will undoubtedly be traveling faster while biking than running or walking and encountering automobile traffic. Accidents may result in more severe injuries to both children and parents.
  • For safety reasons, caregivers should purchase helmets for children in bike trailers, which is an additional expense.

Piggyback Rider Standing Backpack

This is a very “think outside of the box” idea for a big kid stroller! With this product, parents actually wear a harness with a small stand for their big kid to perch atop.




  • It’s fun! Your big kids will get a kick out of being up high and seeing the world around them from a new perspective.
  • For parents, it frees up your arms and hands, which would typically be occupied if you were carrying a child of any age.
  • It can be great for crowd navigation or hiking, when using a more traditional stroller is inconvenient or impossible.


  • One of the two biggest cons with this product is the weight borne by the parent or caregiver. You will be wearing and carrying your child on your back, so this option might be best for shorter distances.
  • This product also comes with some dangers to your child. While there is a harness for them, they could lose their footing or, if the harness is not fastened correctly, they could also fall.
  • There are also dangers for the adult wearing the backpack. If the child becomes unruly, they may be able to injure their caregiver. Also, should the child vomit or urinate, it would almost certainly dirty the adult wearing them.
  • Because this is not a traditional stroller, there is no substantial storage space as strollers have. 

Traditional Stroller Options

Finally, we will survey traditional strollers that can accommodate older children. Many of these strollers convert from baby strollers, so they can be an economical option for new parents looking for something that will last a long time.

Britax B-Lively Stroller

This product is a traditional stroller option that can accommodate kids up to 55 pounds, which children typically reach around ages six or seven. Britax is a popular and trusted brand for infant and toddler products. This stroller is on the high end of moderately priced compared with others on this list. It retails for just under $250.



  • Since this is a traditional stroller, it is a sort of one-size-fits-all option; it can be used for infants all the way up to big kids who weigh under 55 pounds.
  • This stroller is relatively small, making it easier to navigate crowds and small spaces.
  • As with most strollers, it offers some convenient storage options for parents, including a basket underneath the seat and a pocket on the back.
  • The seat lays all the way down, allowing bigger kids to rest or sleep more comfortably.
  • It is easy to navigate and has durable wheels.
  • It has a UV-protective canopy with a window so caregivers can keep an eye on the child inside.
  • It folds down simply and is fairly easy to transport.


  • It is marketed as lightweight, but this stroller is actually twenty pounds. While that is certainly lightweight compared to larger strollers, it is still a hefty item to carry around.
  • As older children grow more independent, they may begin to resist being in a traditional stroller, believing that they are meant for babies.
  • This stroller is only safe for children up to 55 pounds; depending on your child’s body type (especially their height), they may outgrow it sooner than you would like.

Chicco Bravo for Two Double Stroller

This is a versatile double stroller that is designed to transport a young child (infant or toddler) and their older sibling at the same time. The younger child sits in a traditional stroller seat in the front, and there is a seat and stand on the back for the older child.

It is a good option for new families hoping to grow in the future, as well as families welcoming additional little ones but still needing stroller options for their older children. It retails around $230, making it a moderately priced option.


  • This stroller is a great option for parents who plan to have more children.
  • This stroller can also be a good option for only children if it is purchased while the child is an infant or toddler. When the child outgrows the front seat, it can be used to transport other items, such as groceries, playground toys, and more.
  • Your older child can decide whether they would like to sit or stand while riding. If standing, they have a bar to hold onto and there is a back rest for further stabilization and comfort. If they are sitting, the stroller has an adjustable lap belt to help keep them safe.
  • For infants, parents can use a compatible car seat basket and then convert to a roomy seat for toddlers and some preschoolers. The maximum weight capacity for the front seat is thirty pounds.
  • As with most traditional strollers, this one offers storage space for the convenience of There is a roomy basket underneath the seat and a cup holder.
  • This item features treaded rubber tires and is relatively smooth, which is important because your big kid might be standing without a harness.
  • Your older child is separated from the younger child, which may help prevent sibling squabbles, especially as the little one gets a little older.
  • The older child faces the caregiver pushing the stroller while sitting, facilitating more interaction.


  • The obvious downside of this option is that it is only secondarily a stroller for big kids. It does not make much sense for families to buy this stroller if their youngest or only child is already past their toddler years.
  • While this stroller is marketed as compact, it is actually relatively large. It folds down easily, but it will occupy a substantial amount of space while it is being stored.
  • The stroller weighs almost thirty pounds. While not as heavy as some other options, the weight is something to consider.
  • This stroller gives big kids a lot of freedom. The harness on the back seat only goes across their lap, and they are not attached at all when standing. Big kids can easily hop on and off, which may be convenient in certain settings but may also be something that gives pause to caregivers of more rambunctious kids.
  • In addition to behavior issues, the standing feature is not as safe as other options. In the unlikely event that the stroller tipped over, the standing child could certainly experience mild to severe injury, made more likely by the lack of restraint.

Jeep North Star Lightweight Stroller


This is another traditional stroller with a higher weight threshold, making it appropriate for use as a stroller for big kids. It has brand familiarity, since it carries the Jeep name.




  • This is an inexpensive option that grows with your child. It usually retails around $50.
  • This stroller is lightweight, very similar to a fold-down umbrella stroller. It is the lightest stroller on this list at only 10 pounds.
  • It is a good option for families who like to travel, since it folds down small and can easily fit in a small space in a car or airplane, or be easily carried on public transportation.
  • It is easy to fold down and set up, making it even more convenient for travel.
  • It is small and navigates well in crowds.
  • Especially for a smaller stroller, it has a good deal of storage space. There is a large pocket on the back, a cup holder, and mesh space underneath the seat.


  • While this stroller is marketed as appropriate for older kids, it is only able to hold a 40-pound maximum capacity, meaning that many kids will outgrow it before age five. Keep in mind, that 40 pounds must also include anything that you intend to carry on the stroller in addition to the child.
  • Unlike other umbrella strollers, the seat does not recline, which means that it is uncomfortable for older children especially, when they need to sleep or rest.
  • With the less expensive price and lightweight materials, this is probably not a good option for parents looking for something that will survive a lot of wear and tear. It is probably best for a single vacation or for occasional light use, such as trips to the farmer’s market or nearby park.
  • In a similar way, this stroller is not as durable in the event of an accident. Compared to sturdier (and more expensive options), the risk of injury may be higher.


There are many great big strollers for kids. if you looking for something more conventional, why not take a look at The Best Prams of 2021