Hair Accessories for Kids: 20 Items They Will Love

Hair Accessories for Kids

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When it comes to kids’ hair accessories, a lot of people don’t realize how varied these items truly are. If you want to dress up your kids for a special occasion, the right hair accessories go a long way. There are more than just ribbons and bows available; in fact, from basic to fancy, you can find whatever you want when you’re searching for the right hair accessories for kids, regardless of the child’s age, likes, or preferences. There are so many accessories, in fact, that you can easily give your little girls something different to wear every day of the week.

Hair accessories for kids also come in many designs and styles, so whether you have a child who prefers basic, conservative accessories or something a lot more bold and vibrant, you can find them if you know where to look. Little girls love fixing up their hair, and not only do most of these products make it easier for them to look much more fashionable, but it is much easier to create works of art and difficult hairdos because they contain everything you need to get that done.

When you go online to find these accessories, you’ll find that the sky really is the limit because they offer something for everyone, even the pickiest and most stubborn child out there. This is because the companies that make these products are continuously coming up with newer and better hair accessories, and if you’re curious about what’s out there, below are some products to consider first.

1. 100-Piece Hair Barrette Set

100-Piece Hair Barrette SetThis is truly the ultimate kit for little girls, teens, and even grown women who love hair barrettes. There is a huge selection of barrettes not just in different colors, but also different shapes and sizes. Some are solid-colored, some have polka dots on them, and some are shaped like animals, foods, rainbows, crowns, and even a Christmas tree. With this kit, your child will never get bored with her barrettes because she can go more than three months and never wear the same one twice. They are made out of metal and snap into place, so not only do they look great, but they are snug and secure the entire time they’re being worn.


2. Tie-Dye Elastic Headbands for Girls – Set of 6

Tie-Dye Elastic Headbands for Girls - Set of 6

Priced at under $16, this set of six different headbands is made out of materials such as grosgrain and velvet and come in tie-dye, rainbow, and striped designs. Made out of mostly pastel colors, they are adjustable to fit any child’s head size and have pieces that go under the back of the head so they’ll stay on for long periods of time. Super soft and comfortable, the headbands range from 17 to 20 inches in size and are stretchy but not too loose, making for a perfect fit regardless of the child’s head size. They are versatile and look great for both everyday activities and special occasions.


3. Bow Ties for Baby Girls – 40-Piece Set

Bow Ties for Baby Girls - 40-Piece SetThis set of 20 pairs of hairbands with bows attached to each comes in colors such as red, blue, orange, green, yellow, and so many others. Made out of a soft fabric, they are 2.75 inches in size and look absolutely adorable on little girls of all ages. They certainly make a statement because of their size and color, and they’re perfect for kids who love to look “dressy” because they can be worn every day and for all sorts of occasions. Easy to use and super comfortable, they 

are available for a little over $7.


4. Unicorn Glitter Hair Bows

Unicorn Glitter Hair BowsThis set of five hair bows has colorful hair extensions attached to each of them, making it easy for little girls to feel like a unicorn! The extensions are in combinations that include pink/purple, dark pink/light pink, and pink/blue, and the 4-inch bows are prominent and will make your little girl stand out when you go out in public. These are handmade bows that look great and fit snugly, and they are perfect for babies, toddlers, and young girls who need some extra oomph because they want to get noticed wherever they go.


5. Butterfly Clips – Set of 16

Butterfly Clips - Set of 16These nearly two-inch-long barrettes are shaped like butterflies and are very colorful, so if your little girl wants to get super dressed up, this is what you need for her. The metal clamps keep the barrettes securely on your child’s head, and they come in several different sets, including a set that has glitter all over them! For little girls who love to get dressy and fancy-looking whenever you’re headed to church, a birthday party, or a trip to the mall, this is one set of   barrettes you need in your collection.


6. Claw Clip Rhinestone Barrettes

Claw Clip Rhinestone BarrettesThis 90-piece set consists of 15 different colors and six of each color. They are perfect for hairstyles that involve clawing the hair strands for a fancy look. These metal barrettes are snug but comfortable and come in colors such as red, green, teal, and multicolored, and the flower design makes them small enough that you can put lots of them in your child’s hair, allowing for a “big girl” look regardless of the child’s age. The barrettes are a little under one-inch long and are therefore perfect for very small kids.


7. Clip-on Hair Extensions

Clip-on Hair ExtensionsGirls of all ages love hair extensions, and this set of 11 pairs (22 extensions total) comes in colors that include blue, pink, purple, yellow, and red. They are super easy to wear because they simply clip onto the child’s natural hair, and you can get them in both straight and curly styles. When girls want to play dress-up or make-believe, they often wear hair extensions to make the activity a lot more fun, and since this set costs just under $14, you can buy both sets and they’re still affordable.


8. Chiffon Flower Hair Clips

Chiffon Flower Hair ClipsThese beautiful hair clips are made out of soft chiffon and look like delicate 3.5-inch flowers. The set consists of 24 pieces total, or 12 pairs of bows, in soft colors such as teal, yellow, pink, and lavender, among others. If you’re getting your little girl ready for a dressy occasion such as a wedding or a birthday party, she’ll love wearing one or more of these in her hair so that everyone will notice her. The alligator clips on the back of the barrettes make it super easy to attach to the child’s hair, and they fit on both thick and thin hair nicely.


9. Decorative Barrettes in Different Shapes

Decorative Barrettes in Different ShapesThese metal snap barrettes have hearts, crowns, stars, and butterflies attached to them, and they come as a set of eight pairs or 16 barrettes total. They are made for both curly and straight hair and come in colors that include pink, gold, lavender, and rainbow. They are also very sparkly, with some that have sequins on them, and you get all 16 barrettes for just under $10. The best part is, the barrettes are perfect for both dressy and less formal occasions, so girls can wear them anywhere.


10. Set of 50 Crystal Hair Pins

Set of 50 Crystal Hair PinsIf your little girl needs something to complement her flower girl or dance recital outfit, these pins are just perfect. There are 10 colors total that include purple, teal, and pink, and they are regular hair pins that are a little wider than usual so they fit into a bun or some other fancy hairstyle. For weddings, dance recitals, and any other formal occasion that has your daughter in the spotlight, you can’t go wrong when you buy these pins, especially because the set of 50 sells for just under $12.


11. Preppy Headbands with Attached Bows

Preppy Headbands with Attached BowsThe only thing better than a headband is a headband with a cute bow attached, and this set of four headbands comes in color combinations such as light blue/dark blue, pink/yellow, and a few others. These adjustable grosgrain headbands are great for little girls with long hair, especially when they’re about to run outside and play. They can also adjust from 17 to 20 inches and therefore can accommodate all kids, and the price of less than $10 means they’re affordable for everyone.


12. Chicken Leg Headbands for Kids

Chicken Leg Headbands for KidsEvery now and then, kids’ hair accessories are made just for fun, and these headbands made by GenMo consist of four headbands that have cute chicken legs sticking up out of them. The headbands and chicken legs are beige, and they are perfect for attending Thanksgiving dinners and many other events. If your child is planning to attend a costume party or just feels like dressing up to celebrate the holidays, this is the perfect hair decoration for the occasion. At roughly $12.50, you won’t have to break the bank to buy them something adorable and fun.


13. Cute Butterfly Clips – 100 Pieces

Cute Butterfly Clips - 100 PiecesThese adorable clips are brightly colored and shaped like butterflies, and with 100 pieces in the kit, your little girl will have one for every outfit she owns. They are made out of resin and are about 3/4 inch in size, and with colors such as red, blue, neon green, and purple, they are not only fashionable to wear but a lot of fun as well. They are dainty clips that are easy to use and appropriate for everything from going to school to attending a school dance. They also cost just under $5.50 for the complete kit, and they make great gifts for all the little girls in your life.


14. Large Scrunchies for Hair

Large Scrunchies for HairThis eight-piece set of hair scrunchies comes in various rainbow colors and each is roughly four inches in diameter, so they attract attention when they’re being worn. They’re made out of soft organza and are therefore super comfortable, and with both bright and pastel colors in the set, the scrunchies will match whatever outfit your child is wearing. They cost just under $7 for the set and are perfect for both casual and formal events. If your little girl has long hair and loves a lot of colorful hair decorations, this set should be part of her collection.


15. Unicorn Headbands with Attached Bows

Unicorn Headbands with Attached BowsThis 10-piece set of headbands consists of thin bands and bows that are roughly 4.5 inches in length. Each headband is a different color and includes a colorful unicorn design. In fact, each of the headbands is a different color and pattern, so if you have a little girl who loves unicorns and insists on having something fun and colorful in her hair at all times, this is what you should buy for her. The headbands are roughly 1/2 inch in width and are covered in satin, so they are both comfortable and fashionable, making them perfect for a variety of occasions.


16. Large Grosgrain Bows

Large Grosgrain BowsFor little girls who love large bows in their hair, these six-inch bows will thrill them. This set of 20 bows comes in colors such as red, orange, blue, pink, lavender, white, and brown, so she will never have to wear the same bow twice if she doesn’t want to. The bows look great especially for formal occasions but can also be worn for everyday events such as school and play dates. They attach via alligator clips and are perfect to accent buns, ponytails, and any other hairstyle the child chooses to wear.


17. Wide Headbands for Little Girls

Wide Headbands for Little GirlsMade specifically for girls ages 5 to 12, this set of two bandeau headbands comes in light pink and light blue and both are decorated with cute unicorn designs on them. They are six inches wide and have a 17-inch circumference, so they are definitely very noticeable headbands. Super soft and comfortable, the headbands can also be used as a scrunchie, scarf, neck-warmer, and so much more. They even make perfect gifts for occasions such as birthdays, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday that makes you want to reach out to the little girls in your life.


18. Curly Corker Bow Hair Ties

Curly Corker Bow Hair TiesThere are nine pairs and 18 total hair ties in this set, and they have corkscrew-like ribbons hanging from each tie. One of the biggest advantages of choosing these ties is that they are made without seams, which means they are smooth and comfortable, not to mention easy on the child’s hair. With all sorts of colors and patterns, kids will love the fact that they can wear something different every day of the week, and some of the color combinations included in the set are red/black, dark pink/light pink, pink/black, and dark blue/light blue.


19. LED Light-up Hair Barrettes

LED Light-up Hair BarrettesIf your little girl is planning her outfit for a birthday party or some other special event, this is a great set of barrettes for her to include in that outfit. There are 12 barrettes total that clip on easily to the hair and have strands of lit-up fabric attached to them. A sturdy clamp ensures the barrette will stay snug in their hair, and with colors such as red, blue, green, and purple, they’ll be able to match any outfit they decide to wear to the event. As soon as she turns on the switch, the LED lights come on and she sparkles and shines immediately afterwards.


20. 12-Piece Hair Bun Maker

12-Piece Hair Bun MakerAvailable in several different colors to match all girls’ hair, the set includes two donut makers, two French twist or magic snap bun makers, four gold spin pins, and four hair ties. If your child has always wanted a bun but you’ve never known exactly how to make one, this kit is a huge help. It comes in both blonde and brown options, and it is perfect for creating beautiful hair for those special occasions such as weddings, ballet recitals, and so much more. The kit is also reasonably priced at just $8.99.



Before you take a look at the many kids’ hair accessories available today, you should decide exactly what your child will be using them for. A lot of little girls love to dress up their hair on a daily basis, whereas many of them do this only on special occasions. If your daughter has an addiction to hair accessories, there is certainly no end to the choices you have available to you. Many of these kits are designed specifically for fancier events such as weddings or dance recitals, while others can be worn to both casual and formal events. Fortunately, whatever you’re looking for is available out there if you know where to look.

From neutral colors to bright neon colors, small bows to large hair scrunchies, and sparkling barrettes to those that are a lot tamer, today’s accessories for kids truly offer something for everyone. Regardless of what your child loves, or what you as a parent allow her to wear, you can find what you’re looking for every time, especially if you shop online. A little due diligence is all you need to find something perfect for all sorts of children and all sorts of occasions. It really is that simple.

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