Best iPad Accessories for Kids: 12 Accessories They’ll Love

Best iPad Accessories for Kids: 12 Accessories They’ll Love

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Best iPad Accessories for Kids: 12 Accessories They’ll Love

If you’re looking for great kids’ iPad accessories for the child in your life, you’re in luck because there are hundreds of them out there. When most people think of iPad accessories, they think of cases made to protect the tablet, but there are so many other accessories associated with an iPad. In fact, once you start researching these items, you’ll likely be very surprised by how much kids (and adults) can actually do with their iPad!

Why Buy Kids an iPad?

At one time, kids with electronic devices were considered “spoiled,” but that is no longer the case. In fact, kids without electronic devices are definitely not the norm these days, and there are a lot of advantages to young kids having some type of iPad or other tablet. For one thing, these devices usually have a lot of educational apps available, so your kids can learn and play at the same time. Other advantages to giving your child an iPad include:

  • It is usually safer than watching television. When you let your child watch television, it’s hard to block out inappropriate materials, but with an iPad, you can set strict settings so that nothing inappropriate or even harmful ever pops up on the screen. An iPad can play videos, music, and games, but everything the child comes into contact with will be safe every time.
  • It fosters creativity and thinking skills. Kids can get very creative when they play on an iPad. These tablets offer apps that kids don’t know exist, and there are thousands of them for kids to enjoy. Most of the games that are played are educational in nature, but kids will just think they’re having fun. They are having fun, but they’re learning creative and other skills at the same time!
  • It is a portable device they can take anywhere. Unlike television or even a computer, kids can take their iPad with them wherever they go, including long car rides, sleepovers with friends, plane rides, and so much more. Once they’re fully charged, they can last up to eight hours or longer, which means kids will be able to use them for a very long time.
  • It can be therapeutic and even relaxing for kids. Many schools give special needs kids tablets and have them play certain games to fit in better with the world around them. It can be a source of comfort for these kids, which is why so many programs are now using iPads and other brands of tablets.

iPads and other tablets are great for kids in numerous ways, especially with all of the educational and informational apps that are now available. Once your child has a great iPad, buying some accessories for that iPad is always a great idea. Below are some of the best iPad accessories made especially for kids who have one of these devices.

1. Coding Starter Kit for iPad

Made specifically for kids ages 5 to 10, this kit has three educational learning games that are used along with their iPad. The kit consists of unlocking and coding 60+ puzzles, a fun-filled game with a character named Awbie that introduces them to the world of coding, and even learning lots of patterns and loops to teach them various musical sounds. Each of the three games teaches them something new, and not only does it give them lots of hands-on experience, but it also teaches coding basics to them in a way that is loads of fun.

Some of the many skills they learn include programming basics, teamwork, listening skills, creative problem-solving, pattern recognition, and solving coding puzzles, to name a few. Priced at around $70, this is a great iPad accessory because they learn coding basics and a lot of things they didn’t know about their iPad. They’ll need an iPad with an operating system of iOS 10 or higher to use this kit.

2. CozyPhones Kids’ Headphones for iPads

These headphones look just like a headband but have thin features so that they can be worn comfortably, and they work not just on iPads but on other products as well. Available in three different colors, they cost just under $17 and are therefore very affordable, and because they are designed to fit like a headband, there are no uncomfortable earbuds to poke kids’ ears or bulky earphones that just don’t fit right. They are perfect for use on a plane, the school bus, and anywhere else kids might have to sit for long periods of time.

The perfect kids’ iPad accessories are both useful and convenient, and these headphones even come with a braided 52-inch cord that will never twist, kink up, or break unexpectedly. The 3.5 mm stereo plug is compatible with lots of tablets, cell phones, and laptops, and they can even be pulled over the child’s eyes and used as an eye mask for nap time.

3. Fifth Generation iPad Mini Case for Kids

Available in seven different colors, this mini iPad case for kids has a convenient strap on the back that allows them to insert their hand underneath it and hold onto the case snugly and conveniently. It costs under $21 and is made out of sturdy silicone and plastic, and some of its features include an adjustable handle hand strap, built-in 360-degree rotating kickstand, and a three-layer design that helps protect the iPad should they drop it or bump it against something. It is also so well-made that you can access all of the features of the iPad even while the case is on and fully intact.

They also get a place to hold their pen, a shoulder strap that allows them to carry it with ease, and shock-resistant bumpers that protect the iPad from the sometimes uncertainty when the iPads belong to kids, making it a very rugged and reliable iPad cover.

4. Eighth Generation iPad Case for 10.2-Inch Tablets

Made for 7th or 8th generation iPad tablets, this case is made out of sturdy EVA plastic and even has a handle so that holding onto it is never a problem. It fits snugly and is lightweight yet shockproof, so if the child drops the iPad, you won’t have to worry about it breaking or smashing into pieces. It is also available in colors such as pink, red, purple, and blue, among others, and costs just under $17. If your child is going to own an iPad, this case is definitely needed because you can’t assume that the tablet is never going to be dropped or smashed up against something.

The buttons, ports, and cameras associated with the iPad are very easily accessible thanks to the way this case is made, and because it is such a reliable and well-made case, even adults can enjoy it. There is even a built-in stand that allows for hands-free viewing both in landscape and portrait modes.

5. Storage Bag for iPad Products

This organizer bag fits iPads that are 9.7 inches to 11 inches, and it has various compartments for cables, SD cards, cords, chargers, and just about everything else. It is available in five different colors and is made out of sturdy nylon and 600-D polyester for extra longevity. Priced at just under $21, it is affordable and makes a great way for kids to carry everything they need to make their iPad work properly regardless of where they are headed. You can easily fit the bag into a backpack or purse, and it makes carrying all of your electronics a lot easier to do.

Just like grownups, kids will find it much easier to travel or visit friends overnight when everything associated with their iPad is in one place, and this well-made storage bag makes that task a lot easier. It is built to take a lot of abuse and keep on going, and it’s a very attractive bag as well.

6. Apple Pencil

If kids decide to turn their iPad into a notepad or canvas, they’ll need this pencil. It is made to accommodate almost any iPad you may own and is just as easy to write with as a traditional pen or pencil. While it is priced at $94 and is considered expensive for a child’s “toy,” it is sturdy and easy to take care of, so it should last for a very long time. The pen has excellent responsiveness and fluidity, making it super easy for kids of all ages, but especially older kids, to write with ease.

Whether they use it to draw, do homework, or practice their writing skills, kids will love adding this Apple pencil to their iPad and other accessories. It is well-built and a lot of fun to use, and it can even help them with their homework and school assignments.

7. Waterproof Case for iPad Air 4

If your kids put their iPads through especially tough times, you need this iPad case. It is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof, which means kids can put it through a lot of abuse and it will keep on going. It comes with a built-in screen protector and can be completely immersed in water or snow without breaking. You can even use your fingerprint to unlock the tablet with this case, thanks to the cutout that is found at the power button of the case. It doesn’t interfere with anything you want to do with the iPad. Instead, it just makes it easier to protect it and keep it in good shape.

Priced at around $40, this case is worth every penny because of everything it does to protect your child’s iPad, and it even comes with a nylon strap and a cleaning cloth to make it more convenient to own.

8. CONTIXO 7-Inch Tablet Sleeve Bag

When it comes to iPad accessories for kids, a good storage bag is one of the smartest things to buy. This bag fits not just 7-inch iPads but other brands that are the same size as well. It is priced at just under $10 and is therefore affordable, and it comes in pink, green, blue, and purple. The bag has a sleeve on the outside in case your child wants to keep other iPad-related items nearby, and the zipper closure will make sure everything inside is nice and safe. To make things even better, there is foam padding on the inside to protect the iPad even more.

When kids go to a sleepover or ride in the car for long periods of time, they need something to keep them occupied, and this storage bag is perfect for making sure their iPad and other devices come with them every time.

9. 2019/2020 iPad Case with Screen Protector and Strap

Available in seven different colors, this case is sturdy and well-made and comes with a convenient carrying strap and a high-quality screen protector, which means the iPad is protected all the way around. It is priced at just under $20 and comes in colors such as purple, red, and green, and it fits 10.2-inch 7th and 8th generation iPads from 2019 and 2020. The sturdy silicone cases are dustproof, scratchproof, and shockproof, making them the perfect protection device for your kids’ iPad devices.

If you want both a screen protector and a carrying case for your child’s iPad, this is the set for you. It is inexpensive and comes in lots of fun colors, and it’s something both you and your child will appreciate.

10. Kids’ Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Available in three different colors and priced at just under $18, these wireless headphones are perfect for kids’ iPads, iPhones, and many other devices, including items not made by Apple. They fit over the ears and come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack to help them accommodate most devices. Once the headphones are charged, they’ll play continuously for up to eight hours, and they are both flexible and ergonomically designed to keep users comfortable the entire time.

Made out of tough ABS plastic, the headphones are both stretchable and durable, and the company that makes them offers both a 30-day money-back guarantee and an excellent six-month warranty to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

11. Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

This is a set of four different learning games and is specifically made for kids ages 3 to 5. It is also recognized as a STEM toy and consists of games that help kids learn phonics and letters, develop problem-solving skills, develop pre-drawing skills, and experiment with clothes and different colors. Priced at just under $56, they help kids improve both cognitive and creative skills, and as long as your child’s iPad is iOS 10 or higher, the games will work. The games are great at teaching your kids important skills, but all they’ll know is that they’re having a lot of fun.

The kit also includes everything you’ll need for them to play all four games, except for the iPad itself, and since it is made for beginners, kids won’t have to have any special skills or knowledge to participate.

12. Beanbag Lap Stand for Tablets

Available in black, red, and blue, this beanbag stand is made to be placed in your lap as you relax and is perfect for kids of all ages. It is 9” x 12” x 7.5” in size and it is super comfortable. At just around $25, you can afford to get one for all of the kids in your life. The stand weighs less than a pound and has no sharp edges or moving parts to harm children, and it can work at various angles, which means you can sit in just about any position and still use your iPad comfortably. It is such a fun lap stand that both kids and adults will appreciate it.

Kids often play with their tablets while sitting on a couch or their bed, and this fun, comfortable beanbag stand keeps them comfortable as they do so. It even doubles as a carrying tote should you need it to.


Fun and educational iPad accessories for kids are all over the place and therefore easy to find, and kids love them because they make having an iPad a lot more fun. These accessories help protect the iPad, engage it in other activities, and make it a lot more valuable in the end. If your kids can’t do without their iPad and seem to have it with them at all times, buying a few accessories to go with that iPad is never a bad idea. Fortunately, most of these accessories are high in quality but very reasonably priced, and they are continuously being improved upon, which means they are now great for kids of all ages.

Even better, a lot of these accessories are just as good for adults as they are for kids, so once you get them into your home, they’ll be used over and over again. Making sure you read the reviews and doing a little due diligence is the best way to make sure you get a product with a good reputation, and if you research the items on reliable sites such as Amazon, you’ll know you’re getting a great product every time.


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