50 Best Kids’ Bike Accessories

50 Best Kids Bike Accessories

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50 Best Kids’ Bike Accessories

Kids Bike Accessories

Bikes are a staple of childhood, in part because they give kids the freedom to ride all over the place and enjoy experiences they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. One of the things that makes riding a bike so much fun for kids is the fact that they can add accessories to it that make the bike even more fun, and there are tons of bike accessories out there! If you want to know the latest when it comes to kids’ bike accessories, below are 50 of them every child will love.

Kids’ Bike Handlebar Bags, Baskets, and Holders

Kids’ Bike Handlebar Bags, Baskets, and Holders

  1. Vintage Kids’ Bike Basket

If you like the retro look, you’ll love this kids’ bike basket. Made out of bamboo, it is both sturdy and attractive, and it easily attaches to the front of the bike and gives the kids a lot of room to put their personal belongings. It is also made to withstand the elements and anything kids put their bikes through, and since it is a little larger than many other bike baskets, your kids can take a lot of things with them on their rides.

  1. Nantucket Kids’ Bike Basket

Made out of sturdy metal, but in a design with dozens of small holes, this bike basket is made a little differently because it comes in colors such as lavender and royal blue. It comes with a super-easy way to attach it to the bike, and because it is available in six different colors, it is perfect for both boys and girls. The powder-coated steel means it can take a lot of abuse and keep on going, and it is so strong that it can hold a full eight pounds worth of belongings.

  1. Banjo Brothers Handlebar Bike Bag

This is a polyester bag in a basic black color that looks great and can hold quite a bit of stuff. It attaches to the front of the handlebars and can also be attached to the seat of the bike. Its 10” x 4.5” size is perfect for older kids, and it allows kids to hold many of their personal belongings to take with them when they’re out riding and exploring. All kids need a bike bag to hold things while they’re biking, and this is the perfect one for them to have.

  1. Disney Cars Bike Basket, Bottle, and Bell Set

Some of the best children’s bike kits have all the items kids need to take off on their bikes whenever they want to, and this is one of them. Based on the Disney movie Cars, it has a basket that is easily attached to the front of the bike, a sturdy water bottle that is both cute and functional, and a bell that kids can enjoy whenever they want to let somebody know they’re nearby.

  1. Schwinn Girl’s Bicycle Lighted Basket

This white wicker basket is trimmed in pink, blue, and yellow, and it has colorful flowers on it as well. Also included on the basket is a motion-activated light that makes it even more interesting for the child to ride. This is an attractive basket that all little girls will love, not just for the color theme or the cute ribbons running through it, but also for the lights that are there not just to keep kids safe, but also to let them have a lot more fun as they ride.

  1. Kids’ Water Bottle

Made by Waterfit, this is a cute, decorative water bottle that is sized just right for kids’ tiny hands, and the holder is easy to install and easy to use. The bottle holds 12 ounces of water, and it is lightweight enough for a child to bring from one location to another with ease. The bright-yellow design is sure to please all kids, and its low cost of a little more than $14 makes it affordable for all parents.

  1. Lucky Cat Bike Water Bottle Cage

Made by Portland Design Works, this bottle holder attaches easily to a kids’ bike and is made out of materials that will not rust. It is made out of aluminum and has two steel bolts to make sure it’s installed correctly, and it is a very sleek-looking black cat cage that can accommodate most water bottles. The company also makes water bottle cages that are shaped like dogs, owls, and sparrows.

Kids’ Bike Helmets

Kids’ Bike Helmets

Giro Scamp Kids’ Helmet

Since keeping your kids safe is your number-one priority, a good kids’ bike helmet is crucial for making sure they are safe the entire time they’re riding. The Giro Scamp helmet is always highly rated regardless of what list you’re looking at, and it comes in seven different colors so that both boys and girls can be accommodated. With rugged in-mold construction and a total of eight vents for extra comfort, this is one kids’ bike helmet that can’t be beat.

Joovy Noodle Kids’ Helmet

Available in seven different colors and two different sizes, this kids’ helmet is priced great at around $25, yet it provides a lot of safety for kids of all ages. It is made with a fit dial that’s adjustable to fit all sizes of heads, and the extended visor, pinch-guard chin strap, and nylon straps all make for a helmet that is both comfortable and fully functional. If you want a dependable helmet for your kids but you’re on a budget, this is definitely one to consider.

Kali Chakra Child Kids’ Bike Helmet

This helmet has a total of 21 vents to keep kids comfortable and a rear dial that can adjust to the size of the child’s head, making it a great-fitting helmet for kids of all ages. It has a break-away visor and an adjustable chin strap, not to mention a tough outer shell made out of polycarbonate to help it last a very long time. It even comes in several different colors and sizes, and its designs and colors are made to accommodate both boys and girls.

Bell Sports R2-D2 Bike Helmet

If your kids love R2-D2 and Star Wars, this helmet is a must. It comes in a great-looking blue-and-white design with a red dot on the very front of it, and it is so authentic-looking that all hardcore Star Wars fans will love it. Whether you prefer the old Star Wars movies or the newer ones, your kids will appreciate this helmet because it is both comfortable and trendy.

Crazy Safety Dragon Kids’ Bike Helmet

Both boys and girls love dragons, and this dragon helmet made by Crazy Safety is one they’ll thank you for again and again. Complete with teeth and huge eyes, these helmets come in both Dragon and Tiger designs and therefore can accommodate both boys and girls. Its adjustable size means it will fit almost any child out there, and the realistic 3D design is something all kids will notice. This is the perfect bike helmet for any child who loves dragons!

Raskullz Kitty Cat Helmet

This absolutely adorable kids’ helmet has big blue eyes, pink and purple decorations all over it, and a pink heart-shaped nose that all kids will love. Let’s face it, kids don’t want a boring, run-of-the-mill helmet, and since this helmet is no more expensive than a solid-colored one, why not get your kids one they won’t mind wearing time after time? This is guaranteed to be one of the cutest kids’ bike accessories in your collection.

Kids’ Bells, Horns

Kids’ Bike Bells, Horns

Bell Barbie My Fab Bike Accessory

This pink-and-teal horn easily attaches to a child’s bike and is perfect for the Barbie fan who loves to have an eye-catching bike. It’s perfect for getting the attention of others, and the Barbie decal allows your little girl to keep a reminder of Barbie near her for as long as she’s riding her bike. All she has to do to blow the horn is squeeze the pink bulb, so sounding off and making sure everyone knows she’s coming is super easy to do!

Ladybug Bike Bell

This is a standard kids’ bike bell, only it’s shaped like a ladybug! It’s absolutely adorable and comes in four different colors, which means both boys and girls can use it. Bike bells make kids safer because they can alert someone that the child is nearby, and because it comes in a variety of colors and is very inexpensive, you can easily get more than one for your kids without breaking the bank.

Mini Hornit Bike Horn and Light

One of the things that makes this set so unique is that you get a total of 25 different sound effects, including sirens, various musical instruments, and even animals, to name a few. The set is both very durable and waterproof, so you can keep it on your bike even in inclement weather and it won’t hurt anything. The light gives you five different flash settings plus a steady setting, giving you lots of options when it comes to both the light and the horn.

Sunlite Squeeze Horn

Let’s face it, kids don’t want just any horn for their bike – they want one that has a cute design, and this one certainly fits the bill. It’s a fully functional horn but shaped just like a shark, complete with gray skin, black tail, and teeth. It’s a cute horn that also works right, so kids will be able to use it to make sure others know they’re nearby. If you want your kids to be safe while riding a bike, you can do so with something that is also a lot of fun to them!

CHILDHOOD Kids’ Bike Horn Bell

Easy to attach and made with colors such as white, light pink, and dark pink, this horn has a bulb on one end that you squeeze when you want it to make noise, and the other end is a cute flower-like horn complete with a faux gem right in the middle of it. Not only is the sound loud enough to warn people that kids are nearby, but it has an amusing and funny sound as well.

NEKRASH LED Yellow Duck Bike Bell

This adorable yellow duck sits on top of the handlebars and is even wearing a cute little helmet, just like the bike-rider! The bell rings at 45 decibels, so your little one will be easy to hear and see. Easy to attach and available with different hat options, this is a cute bike bell that kids of all ages will love. it is made out of durable materials and, therefore, is built to last for many years to come.

Disney Frozen Bike Bell

This adorable bike bell from the movie Frozen is a huge hit with kids and adults alike, but parents should leave it alone because it’s made for the kiddies! It is made mostly out of aluminum, which means it won’t rust, and it can be installed with nothing more than a simple screwdriver. This is one accessory that no fans of this movie should miss, because it has both Anna and Elsa on it and even comes in a light blue background that looks “frozen”!

Kids’ Bike Wheel/Spoke Accessories

Kids’ Bike Wheel Spoke Accessories

Skin Wraps Bike Spoke Reflectors

These reflectors easily fit over each spoke of the bicycle wheels and come in so many colors that you can have colorful wheels in no time. Available in colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and white, there is a total of six sets of colors and 72 pieces total, which is enough for both wheels and some left over. They aren’t just colorful – they also illuminate the area so that the child is easier to see and safer.

Chalk Tracks

This accessory is great for kids who love sidewalk chalk and love to ride their bikes. You simply attach the piece to the back wheel of the bike, then place a chunk of chalk into that piece. As the child rides, works of art appear on the ground because of the chalk, and because there are three different colors of chalk included in the package, kids can have loads of fun for a very long time.

Bicycle Wheel Spoke Beads

These are the classic spoke beads that had their hay-day in the 1980s. Colorful and super easy to install, they come in six different colors and are sold in a pack of 324 beads. When kids ride their bike, the beads make a cool whirring noise, but they’re not so loud that they distract the ride itself. They have a slit in each of the beads so that you can just clip them onto the spokes of the wheel, so you can have super-colorful wheels in no time.

Ride Along Dolly Flower Wheel Spoke Attachments

These are not your usual spoke attachments; instead, each one is shaped like a flower or butterfly and very colorful, making this the perfect way to have bike wheels that others are certain to notice. Priced at under $8, they contain both flowers and butterflies, for a total of 24 in each pack. There is a total of 12 different designs to enjoy, and because they are so inexpensive, you can easily purchase more than one pack at a time if you like.

WINOMO Wheel Spoke Beads

This 36-piece set consists of very colorful beads that simply snap on to the spokes of any bicycle wheel for a little extra oomph. The beads come in many different colors and instantly add some pizzazz to any bicycle, including adult bikes if you’re so inclined! Colors include red, blue, green, and pink, and they can be installed in a matter of minutes. You can use all 36 of the beads or just a few, but kids will love these regardless of how many are used.

Kids’ Bike Lights

Kids’ Bike Lights

DAWAY LED Bike Wheel Light

These head-turning LED lights go around the wheels of a kids’ bicycle and attract other people’s attention to keep the kids safer. They’re bright and attractive, and they help kids have a lot more fun as they ride. They are also available in six different colors, including green, white, and purple, and because they are LED lights, they are certain to be eye-catching regardless of where your kids take their bikes.

Oumers Bicycle Police Sound Light

If your kids dream of being a police officer when they grow up, this is a great bike accessory for them. This set consists of both police lights and a real siren, so they can zoom through the neighborhood with realistic lights and sounds that make them feel like they’re right in the middle of some serious police action. Yet another benefit is that more people will see and hear them as they ride, so they are much safer.

Skull Bike Lights

These adjustable lights add a little oomph to any boy’s bike and come with two sets to fit both the back wheel and the front one. They are black and have eyes that light up, and you get several different modes, allowing the lights to stay on consistently or flash on and off. Since the straps are adjustable, they can fit nearly any child’s bike on the market, and it will give boy riders something to talk about.

Zoonimal Bike Light

This light is not only adorable with its cute puppy dog design, but its LED lights keep it lit up for hours at a time, allowing kids to enjoy their bike-riding adventure even more. In addition to the dog light, 12 other animal designs are also available, and you also get your choice of three different lighting modes – low-speed flashing, high-speed flashing, and staying on the entire time. This is indeed a cute and fun item that kids will enjoy on their bikes.

Skull Light Stem Caps

These lights are attached to the valve caps of your wheel and are brightly colored and, therefore, eye-catching. Available in colors such as blue, white, and hot pink, they make bike-riding more fun and a whole lot more colorful. They are also reasonably priced at just under $9, meaning you can buy them for several kids without breaking the bank. The lights are small but powerful, and they make a great addition to a kid’s nighttime biking adventure.

Nite Ize Spokelit LED Bike Wheel Lights

These lights are attached quickly and easily on the spokes of the bike, and when the child pedals, you get a burst of color turning around in a circle on the outer part of the wheels. You can make the colors flash and even change the color itself if you like, and it especially helps kids when they’re riding after dark because more people will see them. You can use them for both safety and fun, and in both cases, they will not disappoint.

Kids’ Bike Toys

Kids’ Bike Toys

Kids’ Bike Customizable License Plate

If adult cars can have personalized license plates, why not kids’ bikes? Kids love seeing their name everywhere, including on their bikes, and these license plates can be customized to put any name on there you wish. The letters are all brightly colored, and there are 150 letters and numbers so that nearly any name will fit on the license plate with ease. The plate itself comes in three different colors, and it fits on any child’s bicycle.

Doll Bike Seat and Helmet

For little girls who wish to take their baby doll on the ride with them, this tiny bike seat and helmet is one of the cutest kids’ bike kits you’ll ever see. It attaches easily to the back of the bike and is made out of very durable materials, which means she can put it through a lot of abuse and it will still work great and look great. It comes with Velcro straps for easy installation and tons of stickers to decorate the seat for a more creative design.

Spokester Bicycle Noise Maker

As much as kids love to ride bikes, they love noise makers even more! This product is made out of a durable plastic, and all you have to do is attach it to the bike wheels and let your kids ride. Once they start to pedal, the contraption brushes against the spokes and makes some very interesting noises. It’s similar to the “old days” when kids put some playing cards on their spokes, only it’s a bit more sophisticated and a lot more fun.

AISHEMI Bike Holder for American Flag

This American flag sits in a holder and is installed directly on the handlebars of your child’s bike, making it easy to show off pride for your country. The flag is both tear-resistant and waterproof so it can withstand the elements, and it’s so affordable at just over $8 that anyone can afford it. It’s also easy to clean and built to last, so you can count on having it around for many years to come.

Kids’ Miscellaneous Bike Items

Kids’ Miscellaneous Bike Items

Turbospoke Bike Exhaust System

This is an interesting accessory because it essentially turns a kids’ bicycle into a motorcycle. It is a small exhaust pipe that you put on the back of the bike, and even though it keeps the bicycle safe to ride, it also makes several different engine sounds that make it sound and feel like the child is riding an actual motorcycle. It is super easy to install and a lot of fun, and not to worry because it is just a pretend exhaust system and not a real one!

Ride Along Dolly Bike Handlebar Streamers

What would a little girl’s bike be without adorable streamers hanging from the handlebars? These streamers are bright pink and yellow and are topped off with a bow, making them the perfect streamers that all little girls will love. The colorful, dotted bow matches the streamers themselves perfectly, and the entire thing has a lot of pink in it, which is most little girls’ favorite color!

Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer

Kids love to pretend like they’re driving a car, and this speedometer and odometer kit will help them do just that. It attaches snugly onto the bike’s handlebars so it won’t fall off, and its design makes it super easy to read and to see regardless of how fast they’re going when riding. Even better, it helps them discover just how fast they’re going when it’s attached, so it is the perfect accessory for kids who love to race one another while riding bikes.


If you don’t want to tempt fate but prefer to keep your kids’ bikes safe, a good bike lock is what you need. Usually priced at under $20, these locks are often made out of a sturdy steel, have a combination lock that makes its use super easy, and come in various colors and sizes. It is also covered in a fabric sleeve that is abrasion-resistant and built to last, which means it will even remain functional and attractive through inclement weather.


Available in five different colors, including bright pink and purple, it has a five-digit lock that is easy for kids to open and close. It is four feet long and, therefore, easy to attach to bike racks and buildings, and the numbers are rather large and easy to read, making it super easy for kids, especially older kids, to feel more in control of the safety of their bikes. It will help parents feel better, too, just knowing that something they invested in is now less likely to be taken away from them.

V-Tech Kidizoom Action Cam

If cars now have video cams, why not kids’ bikes? This action cam fits perfectly on the front of the bike on the handlebars, and kids will love the fact that they can videotape what’s going on around them the entire time they’re riding. Easy to install and easy to use, you’ll be amazed at the picture quality and how well the camera works day after day. It can be used both to record videos and record what’s going on live, making it a very versatile camera.

Ride Along Dolly Bike Handlebar Pinwheel

All kids love pinwheels, and this one fits conveniently on the front of their bike so that they can look at it at any time. It has a cute floral design and spins very fast, so as kids ride along from place to place, the pinwheel does some amazing things and will keep their attention the entire time. Pinwheels are fun toys, and this one can be removed easily so you can play with it on its own or keep it on the bike for as long as you want it to be there.

Kids’ Bike Pedals

Every now and then, bike pedals wear out, and when they do, it’s good to know you can replace them easily and quickly. The Tong Yue kids’ bike pedals are made out of resin and come with reflective materials to make them easy to see, as well as great grips that keep kids’ feet steady the entire time. The pedals also come in a total of eight different colors, including purple, so kids can be both trendy and practical as they ride their bikes.

Ride Along Dolly Bike Streamers with Pinwheel Ribbon

With a pinwheel top and lots of colorful streamers, this streamer set attaches easily to the child’s bicycle and will make riding bikes even more fun than it was before. Not only do the streamers blow in the wind as they ride, but the pinwheel at the top of the toy also spins, giving your kids several things to look at as they ride. Easy to install and build to last, this streamer set is one purchase you will never regret.

Bovon Cell Phone Holder for Bikes

This universal cell phone holder is made to fit all types of cell phones, and it has a 360-degree rotation so that getting to your phone is a whole lot easier. Older kids often have cell phones, and when they do, it’s easier than ever to get them a holder for their bike so they can get to the phone whenever they need to. It’s a very useful accessory because it allows bikers to keep an eye on their phone at all times.

Noviko Girls’ Bicycle Kit

This kit provides little girls with almost everything they need to start riding their bike more often, including a basket to hold their belongings, streamers, bell, wheel beads, and a bike windmill. All five pieces are colorful and functional, not to mention built to last. It sells for less than $14 and is, therefore, affordable for everyone, which makes this set one you can buy without breaking the bank.

GEQID Kids’ Knee and Elbow Pad Set

The set contains six pieces total, including two knee pads, two elbow pads, and two wrist pads. It is made to fit kids up to 12 years of age and is available in a total of four different colors. Protecting kids when they’re outside on their bikes is crucial, and in addition to a good helmet, knee and elbow pads are essential if you want to make sure your kids are safe the entire time they’re riding.

VUP Kids’ Protective Gear Soft Knee and Elbow Pads

This set is made for both boys and girls and comes in colors such as pink camo, blue camo, solid black, and an adorable alpaca design. It comes with two knee pads, two elbow pads, two biking gloves, and a convenient storage bag to put everything in when you’re on the go. Comfortable but protective, it is the perfect set for kids who love to go biking, skating, or any other sport.

Schylling Airplane for Bike

This adorable airplane has a large propeller that spins around whenever kids are riding their bike, and it attaches quickly and easily to the handlebars. Made for kids ages six and up, all kids will love the way the plane looks as they’re pedaling their bike, and at a price of around $7, you can buy more than one of them if you like. It’s even painted red, white, and blue to make it even more eye-catching.

Turbospoke Racing Number

If your kids love to be pretend racers while they ride their bikes, they need this sticker! It is available in many designs and numbers, and it includes numbers of real race-car drivers. Easy to apply and built to last regardless of what kids put them through, this bright, eye-catching racing number is sure to be the envy of the other kids in the neighborhood.


Bike accessories are just as important as bikes are to kids. Kids love them, and whether the accessory is made to keep the child safer or just to have more fun, it’s always worth it to buy them. Accessories for kids’ bicycles come in so many colors, types, sizes, and price ranges, that it is impossible not to find something your own child will love.

The fact that most of them are very reasonably priced also helps because let’s face it, no one wants to pay a fortune for bike accessories. Whatever you’re looking for, therefore, you should be able to find it without any problems.

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