40 Best Kids Kitchen Toys & Accessories

Kids Kitchen Toys

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40 Kids’ Kitchen Toys and Accessories

kids kitchen toys & accessories

Kids love helping their parents out in the kitchen, but since there aren’t a lot of kid-sized kitchen tools available, toy companies are coming through with tons of products that allow kids to play as if they’re actually cooking and baking with tools of their own. These products are sturdy, made well, and come in lots of brightly colored designs. Best of all, they look just the same as the grownup versions of the same items! They are also made for kids of many different ages, so you can find them even if your child is just a toddler.

Kids love to pretend that they’re cooking with their own kids’ kitchen toys, and if you’d like to take a look at some of them yourself, below is a handful of them to consider.

  1. TuiVeSafu 36-Piece Cooking Play Set

This is a complete kitchen set that includes a grill, a frying pan, a tea kettle, vegetables, a cutting board, utensils, and foods such as eggs, hot dogs, chicken, corn, and lots more. All of the edges are smooth and therefore safe, and playing with it improves kids’ skills including making decisions, improving dexterity, and encouraging imaginative play. Bright and colorful, it allows kids to play for hours at a time and use their creativity to design hundreds of culinary masterpieces. The complete set sells for around $25, so you can keep your kids occupied for a very long time without breaking the bank.

  1. Step2 Fun Kids’ Oven & Stove Set

One of the things that makes this kitchen set so much fun is the realistic lights and sounds that your kids get to experience as they play. It is available in three different colors and designed for both boys and girls to pretend-cook, bake, and create culinary works of art. It has 45 pieces that include dishes, condiments, food items, utensils, food baskets, dishes, and even a doggy food and water bowl, complete with the doggy! They can also use the pretend single-use coffee maker, which comes complete with a travel mug, and enjoy realistic sounds coming from the burner, frying pan, and boiling pot.

  1. CUTE STONE Pretend Kitchen Sink

This adorable kitchen sink holds real water and comes with tools that include food, dishes, pots and pans, and dish towels. It sprays real water into the sink and comes with realistic sounds and lights, and you even get a detachable drain rack that allows you to drain the water and store all of the dishes. Kids will play with this sink for hours at a time, and with fruits and vegetables that can be cut and peeled, they’ll love the realism of these toys because they’ll feel like they’re in a real kitchen doing real cooking.

  1. Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set

Made by one of the top manufacturers of kids’ quality toys, this fun slice-and-bake set lets kids bake their own cookies over and over again. It includes a baking pan, an oven mitt, large utensils, the cookies themselves, and a can of cookie dough. The cookies come in different colors and designs to make each one unique, and at under $16, it won’t cost you a ton of money to give them a gift they’ll play with for a very long time. Not only is the set a lot of fun, but it also helps develop fine motor skills and learn the concept of numbers.

  1. CASDON Kitchen Set

Priced at around $18, this adorable and affordable kitchen set includes a coffee maker, a toaster, a tea kettle, food, dishes, and utensils. Kids can put bread into the toaster and eggs and bacon on the plates, allowing them to enjoy a great “breakfast” every morning. The toaster pops up just the same as a real toaster, and they can even put real water in the coffee maker and watch it run through the machine. Best of all, the details of each piece make them look like the real thing, so your kids will enjoy it for many years to come.

  1. Juboury Pretend Kitchen Toys

This set consists of stainless steel cookware and pots and pans, cooking utensils, an apron and chef’s hat, vegetables that you can cut yourself, and a sturdy basket to keep everything in when it’s not being used. At just $21, this is one set anyone can afford, and the pieces include a large cooking pot and a colander, both of which are very realistic-looking. From cutting food to pretend cooking, this set will occupy kids for hours, as well as teach them fine motor and decision-making skills.

  1. JOYIN Pretend Play 50-Piece Food Set

If your kids already have a stove and dishes, this food set is a perfect addition because it gives them 50 individual pieces of food in bright colors that they’ll love playing with for hours at a time. These pieces include bananas, bread, sandwiches, pie pieces, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, grapes, watermelon, crackers, pizza pieces, and even a chocolate bar, to name a few. Not only are the pieces easy to use but they are very safe as well, so your kids can have a lot of fun while playing with them.

  1. iPlay iLearn Kitchen Toys Accessories Kit

Made for kids ages 3 to 6, this set of kitchen accessories includes a frying pan, a tea kettle, pots and pans, a cutting board, utensils, and food items that include corn, bread, oranges, and eggs, among others. The food items can be “cut” with the enclosed knife, and the bright colors used for all of the pieces are sure to catch kids’ attention. In fact, this kitchen set is just as practical as it is fun. Kids will also spend hours playing and creating various dishes, and you’ll quickly discover that adults can enjoy this play set as well!

  1. Battat Farmers’ Market Basket and Food

Adults love going to the farmers’ market, so why shouldn’t kids want to do the same thing? This toy set includes a farmers’ market basket that is the perfect size for the market’s smallest shoppers, as well as cutting boards, play knives, and foods they can slice to make themselves the perfect snack. Kids will spend hours playing with this kit, enjoying its bright colors and realistic shapes and sizes. It has a total of 37 pieces, and playing with it lets them develop social and fine motor skills.

  1. Melissa & Doug Food Groups Toy Set

Made for children ages 3 to 6, this set consists of four wooden crates so that kids can sort the foods by food group, colors, or any other way that they wish to sort them. The foods include grains, meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy, produce, fish, and many others, and they’ll occupy kids for hours at a time while also teaching them how to explore their creative side and learn things such as color recognition, sorting skills, grouping, and even number skills. With this set, they can learn and have fun at the same time, which is the best way to learn.

  1. Suntee 42-Piece Kids Kitchen Play Set

This kitchen set has not just items for use in the kitchen but also a barbecue grill that lets you grill all types of food, such as corn, meat, mushrooms, and more. It comes with a tea kettle, a frying pan, and other pots and pans. All of the pieces are durable and low-maintenance because they are super easy to clean. Great for teaching social skills and even time management, this is one set that can keep your kids occupied for hours while you concentrate on other things.

  1. JOYIN Little Chef BBQ Set

With utensils, food items and cooking apparatus, this 24-piece set has everything that your child could want when it comes time to grill outside. It is a realistic-looking grill that is easy to maneuver and built to last. Kids also learn sharing skills, hand-eye coordination, and, of course, how to better use their imaginations. It even has lights and sounds that make kids feel as though they’re seeing and hearing a live barbecue, and it is 100% safe for kids of all ages. They’ll want to go outside with their dads as soon as they learn that there is barbecuing going on!

  1. JOYIN Owl Garden Tin Teapot Set

These pieces are non-toxic and therefore completely safe, and they include a teapot, a plate, dishes, cups, spoons, and a cute carrying case that matches the rest of the set. You can play with them outdoors or indoors, and the set is so compact and lightweight that you can easily transport them anywhere. Priced at just under $16, you can buy the entire set without hurting your wallet. The green and orange colors throughout make it a very attractive toy as well as one that’s a lot of fun.

  1. CUTE STONE Kitchen Appliance Set

All kitchens need appliances, including pretend kitchens, and this is the perfect appliance set to add to any child’s play kitchen area. It comes with a toaster, a blender, and a coffee maker, as well as food, plates, coffee cups, and so much more. You get realistic sounds and lights with the appliances, making kids feel as though they’re an important part of anything the grownups are doing in the kitchen. The pieces are all made out of safe, child-friendly materials and kids can even chop up foods if they like to make things more realistic.

  1. Tiny Land Wooden Pop-Up Toaster Set

This 10-piece set includes a toaster, toast pieces, utensils, an egg, and even butter that kids can slice themselves. The settings on the toaster are realistic, and it even comes in eye-catching colors that include pink and teal. With this toy, kids can work on hand-eye coordination, learn all about foods, and, of course, strengthen their imagination and creativity. It is not just a fun set, especially when they are watching the toast pop up, but it is an educational set as well.

  1. Play Circle Ice Cream Playset

This 21-piece set is made for toddlers ages 3 and older, and it gives kids a colorful way to make their own ice cream because it comes with an ice cream scooper, syrup, sprinkles, cones, and several flavors of ice cream, to name a few. Kids will play for hours because there are so many combinations that they can enjoy. They can make cones, sundaes, and so many other types of ice cream. Along the way, they develop fine motor skills, social skills, and even problem-solving skills.

  1. CUTE STONE Picnic Basket and Kitchen Set

This adorable picnic basket comes with everything kids need to enjoy a picnic in the park, including an oven, a sink, foods that change colors as they’re played with, dishes, and much more. It is priced at around $28 and is therefore affordable, and it even comes with realistic sounds and lights to make things more interesting. Kids can develop dexterity, social skills, and hands-on experience that they won’t forget. The sink allows you to use real water to see how it works, and it makes the perfect Christmas or birthday gift.

  1. KidKraft 27-Piece Cookware Set

If your kids need dishes for their pretend kitchen, this is the set you need. It includes items such as plates, bowls, mugs, utensils, and a few pots and pans with lids. They all come in matching pastel colors and are great for both boys and girls. The durable molded plastic means that it will last for many years to come. While it is designed to go with a KidKraft kitchen set, it can go with any kids’ kitchen set because it is a very versatile set of kitchen toys. Kids also love it because it makes them feel as if they are grownups for a while.

  1. Liberty Imports Cooking Set

This cooking set is made of stainless steel and is therefore very durable and long-lasting. The parts are colored pink and include a colander, a Dutch oven, a large pan, and a frying pot, as well as a pot holder and many serving utensils. The materials are food-grade and non-toxic, and they are so realistic-looking that parents might think that the pots and pans are theirs. The set is priced at a little under $20, and it’s great for teaching kids shape recognition, motor skills, and so much more.

  1. Wooden Crate with Food Items

Consisting of a wooden crate, slicing knives, and lots of wooden fruits and vegetables, this food set makes a great educational toy because it allows kids to slice food while hearing a realistic “crunch” sound as they slice. Brightly colored and made out of non-toxic materials, the set is a lot of fun and super easy to play with. With this set, kids can learn about kitchen safety, social skills, and fine motor skills. The items are also the perfect size for tiny hands to enjoy for hours at a time.

  1. KAREZONINE Fruits and Veggies Set for Slicing

This 16-piece set comes with fruits and veggies for slicing, and kids can even hear the realistic “slice” sound as they work on the foods. It comes with foods such as watermelon, bell peppers, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, pumpkins, and bananas, as well as a cutting board and a realistic-looking knife that will make kids feel as if they are an important part of the cooking experience. The foods are also very brightly colored to keep kids’ attention. The kit also comes in a 12-piece and 24-piece set for those who are interested.

  1. Black & Decker Junior Blender Playset

Complete with a blender, cup, and some fruits and vegetables to blend into the perfect mixture, this playset is perfect for the miniature cook in your home. Operated by two AA batteries, it produces realistic lights and sounds, which is one of the things that kids love best about it. There is even an on/off switch that is super easy to use, and at a price of $13, you can purchase the set without breaking the bank. Kids will also have fun watching the fruits and veggies going round and round inside the blender!

  1. Feroxo Grocery Basket Toy Set

The Feroxo grocery basket set comes with 40 pieces, including two knives, a basket, and tons of fruits and vegetables, not to mention a 6-piece pizza pie. Bright and colorful, the pieces make playtime even more fun, and kids of all ages will enjoy slicing the food pieces and creating culinary masterpieces. The carrying basket comes with a handle to make it easy to transport somewhere else. It teaches kids things such as hand-eye coordination, social skills, and unleashing the creativity that is in every one of them.

  1. Melissa & Doug Make-a-Cake Mixer Set

Available for just under $25, this set has 11 pieces that include a blender, baking pan, spatula, egg, and finished cake. This is one of those kids’ toys that is so realistic that kids will think that they’re working with adult-like instruments. The spinning action of the blender will thrill kids, and the hand crank is easy even for the tiniest hands to operate it. The food items slice easily and look real. Playing with this set encourages number skills, creative thinking, and, of course, creativity and imagination, making it perfect for all young children. It’s always fun to bake a cake, and with this set, your kids can bake one just the same as mom and dad do!

  1. Tiny Land Brew and Serve Coffee Maker Set

This interactive wooden coffee maker set has 13 pieces and enough items to make, flavor, and drink your coffee whenever you want. You get the coffee machine, three coffee pods, two cups with spoons, ice cubes, creamer, and everything else you need to enjoy the entire coffee-making experience. With rounded edges and non-toxic paints, this set is both safe for kids and a lot of fun. Best of all, the parts are so durable that kids will be able to play with them for many years to come without worrying about damaging or breaking them. With this set, you and your kids can have your coffee at the same time every morning!

  1. KidKraft Children’s Baking Set

KidKraft’s baking set comes with 11 pieces total, including a mixer, a working rolling pin, two eggs, a milk carton, a baking sheet, and two chocolate chip cookies, among others. The blades on the mixer go up and down, and the pieces are made out of wood and molded plastic for extra durability and longevity. It’s such a sturdy set that you don’t have to put anything together, which means that you can start using it as soon as it comes out of the package. And at just under $20, this children’s baking set is affordable for everyone, giving you yet another reason to buy it for your kids.

  1. Coco Tree 14-Piece Teaset in Pink

This adorable tea set, which comes in pink with a flower-and-bird design, has four cups and saucers, a sugar pot, a creamer pot, the teapot, and a serving tray. It is perfect for kids ages 3 and up, and the parts are all designed to fit little hands perfectly every time. The pieces are non-toxic and corrosion-resistant, and the smooth shapes of the pieces mean that kids won’t ever hurt themselves while playing with them. The tin used in the piece is also high-quality, which means that the set is made to last for many years to come. When your kids want to enjoy tea time, this is the perfect set for them.

  1. NONZERS Microwave Toy with Food

Since adults have their own microwaves, kids need one too! This colorful microwave oven has large buttons so that tiny hands can operate it, and it comes with pots and pans, utensils, and food items that you can slice with the pretend knife. With this set, you also get realistic lights and sounds, making it even more realistic as kids play. This is a 22-piece set that will thrill kids for hours at a time. A few of the items included in the kit are a steam pressure pot, a cutting board, and a frying pan, to name a few. It also costs just $20, making it affordable for everyone.

  1. VIPAMZ Pretend Play Tableware Dish Set

If your kids love washing dishes and putting them in the drain tray, this is the toy for them. It comes with 26 pieces and includes a drain tray and enough dishes to last for quite a while. Bright and colorful, the dishes are made out of sturdy, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and the anti-slip, shatter-proof design keeps kids safe the entire time. Some of the dishes included in the set are plates, a colander, utensils, cups, and pots with lids. Kids can play for a long time with the dishes, then wash them and lay them out to dry in the specialized drain tray. This fun, kid-friendly set is also built to last for many years to come.

  1. Costzon Kitchen Playset with Refrigerator and Oven

The is the ultimate pretend kitchen for both boys and girls, and it’s even available in three different color themes and sizes. This particular kitchen has a sink, cabinets, a stove top, a blackboard, and utensils, not to mention several shelves that kids can use to store their “food” and dishes on. All of the pieces have smooth edges to eliminate any type of injury on the child, and the realistic sights and sounds make kids feel as if they’re in a regular grownup kitchen, which intensifies their experience. It is made for kids ages 3 and up, and it is simple to clean and built to last.

  1. GILOBABY Toy Kitchen Set with Food

This pretend kitchen is colorful and absolutely adorable, and it comes with enough accessories to create a second-to-none experience for kids who love helping out in the kitchen. The foods, which include lemons, oranges, carrots, and meat, can be sliced with the pretend knife included in the set. Since it is made with realistic sounds and lights, kids get an even bigger kick out of it. The 12.6” x 6” x 11.8” size is perfect for tiny chefs, which means that they’ll spend hours at a time cooking up dishes for family members and friends to love.

  1. KIDPAR Pretend Sink with Dishes and Food

This is a tabletop sink that kids can use real water in. It comes with dishwashing liquid and foods such as carrots, peas, strawberries, corn, bell peppers, and eggplant, among others. The food is brightly colored to attract all kids’ attention and with 38 pieces in the set, all kids will find something that they love to do. Kids can pretend to cut and peel the fruits and vegetables. Everything included in the set has rounded corners and is made out of non-toxic materials, making it super safe for all kids. They can also play with the set indoors or outside, and the price of just under $30 makes it affordable for everyone.

  1. Infunbebe Jeeves Jr. Kettle and Toaster Set

In a very attractive blue-green color, this kettle-and-toaster set actually works and even comes with two pieces of toast. It comes with lights and sounds that make any activity the child does look and sound like the real thing. At under $17.50, it won’t break the bank to buy it. The kettle has a real boiling water sound and the pretend toaster even pops up when the toast is ready. This is a high-quality set that is built to last and lots of fun to play with. With appliances that look very much the same as mom’s and dad’s, kids can now enjoy time in the kitchen as they never have before; in fact, you may never get them away from the kitchen from now on!

  1. CUTE STONE Kids’ Toy Shopping Cart and Food

This kid-friendly set includes a shopping cart, dishes and utensils, and lots of food. You get two modes with this playset, including kitchen mode and shopping cart mode. With realistic lights and sounds, kids will enjoy using kitchen items that are very similar to their parents’. They can grill food, wash fruits and vegetables, and carry everything to another location with a shopping cart that has functional wheels on it. You get pots and pans, pretend condiments, and so much more. All of the pieces are safe for kids and brightly colored to keep kids’ attention, so they’ll quickly become your child’s favorite toys.

  1. KidKraft 2-Piece Retro Kitchen with Stove and Fridge

This two-piece set includes an oven-stove combination and a refrigerator. They are both in pink and have a very retro look, and they are made out of wood for extra heavy-duty durability and longevity. Some of the many perks of this system include pieces that actually open and close, realistic burners on the stove, storage space below the oven to store various kitchen items, and a sink that you can remove for easy cleaning. It is big enough so that several children can play with it at a time, and while you do have to put it together yourself, the instructions are easy enough even for people who have never done this before.

  1. D-FantiX Tin Pot and Pan Set

Made for kids ages 2 to 7, this tin pot and pan set contains items such as cutting boards, utensils, a carrying kit, and food items that kids can slice in half if they want to. You even get lids for the pots and pans, so this 24-piece kit has exactly what kids need to play chef for hours at a time. At just under $22, this is a very affordable playset for everyone and the bright colors will keep kids’ interest for a very long time. Made with extra-safe materials that won’t harm children in any way, this pot-and-pan set is perfect for both boys and girls and will soon become one of their favorite toys.

  1. Clheatky Kids’ Cooking Set for Boys and Girls

Before your kids get in the kitchen, they need to be prepared, and this cooking set helps them do just that. It comes with an apron, a chef’s hat, an oven mitt, cookie cutters, cupcake holders, and large utensils such as a spatula, spoon, whisk, and rolling pin, in addition to others. All of the pieces are made to keep kids safe, and they are easy to clean and durable as well. With 38 pieces total, this cooking set makes the perfect gift for kids five years old and up, and it’s also very affordable. It also comes in two different colors to accommodate both boys and girls.

  1. Shimfun 200-Piece Play Food Set

If your kids already have toy appliances and kitchen items but need more food to play with, this is the kit you need. It comes with a full 200 pieces of food that include everything from hamburgers to pizza, cake, hot dogs, and everything in between. These are very detail-oriented food items in vibrant colors that all kids will love, and even toddlers can play with them easily every time. In fact, if you can think up a food item, it’s likely in there. This includes foods such as donuts, chicken, corn, cucumbers, bell peppers, eggs, grapes, and so much more.

  1. DRONEEYE Pretend Play Kitchen Cooking Pots

Made for kids up to three years old, this set looks very similar to a camping set and includes items such as a cooking pan, frying pan, tea kettle, food items, and utensils. The black-and-red color theme looks great for both boys and girls. It also does a great job of teaching kids independence, self-confidence, creativity, and social skills, making this a great toy for all toddlers and preschoolers. It makes a perfect gift for toddlers, and it’s very affordable at just under $14. This is a sleek-looking cooking set that all kids will adore.

  1. GrowthPic Pretend Play Kitchen Accessories

The GrowthPic kitchen accessories include a knife holder with knives included, a cutting board, and foods such as lobster, bread, eggs, peas, strawberries, and lemons, all of which can be sliced in half with one of the knives included in the kit. Everything is realistic-looking and safe for kids to play with, and it can give them a love of cooking that they will likely keep for the rest of their lives. It also teaches social skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, all of which are important to a child’s growth.


Toys that mimic kitchen tools and accessories are not just a lot of fun, but also teach kids valuable skills that can help them grow both physically and emotionally. Because of national and international safety regulations, these kitchen toys are always safe for the kids to play with, and many of them are so realistic that kids will feel as if they’re playing with adult-sized accessories. All of these toys make great Christmas and birthday gifts, and most of them are reasonably priced as well.

To get the right kitchen toys for your kids, always check the age recommendations marked on the package. Also, check to make sure what the toy is going to teach your child before you buy it. This is especially important if you want to make sure that they learn a specific skill. Fortunately, these types of toys are usually educational in nature so you can easily find a kitchen toy that will teach your child valuable skills and let them have loads of fun at the same time.

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