Kids Accessories

Baby Accessories 

New parents know how much joy their newborn brings them but are also aware of the sheer amount of work that needs to be done after the child is born. Parents-to-be need to be fully equipped with all the right tools and be prepared even before the child is born. Quality baby accessories are essential to help out new parents with ensuring their children are comfortable and happy! 

From the right tools to bead with your child to taking them on strolls and visits to grandma, everything you buy can make a world of difference once your child is born. However, it’s important to ensure you find the right accessories for your baby to ensure you’re prepared when they arrive. 

While looking for the perfect items, it can be helpful to make a list from A to Z, keeping in mind every tiny little aspect of having a child. This article will further categorize all the items you’d need for specific purposes and activities throughout the day, helping you acquire all you would need for the first few months of parenting! 

What Accessories are Necessary for Newborns?

When it comes to buying useful and impactful kids’ accessories, you can further break down all the tasks that you would have to do for the baby, which helps you segregate the kind of accessories you want to buy. 


No matter how you choose to feed your little one, you will need a few items to have mess-free feeding time with your child. 

You will need items such as 

  • Nursing clothes for the mother, which are loose and breathable
  • Breast pumps
  • Sterilizers for your child’s pacifier and bottle
  • Formula
  • Feeding bottles
  • Bottle cleaning brushes
  • Bibs and muslin clothes for your child
  • A thermos to store hot water
  • Support pillow for yourself if you choose to breastfeed. 


While new parents are advised to sleep with the child in the same room for the first few months, having a cozy and clean crib is essential for your child. 

Here are all the items you’ll need for making your child’s bedding:

  • Baby mattress and cribs: A lightweight crib that is clean and sturdy and a well-fitted new baby mattress is the first essential you will need. Avoid fluffy mattresses which could smother the child, and opt for firm mattresses.
  • Blankets and Sheets: Opt for smooth, lint-free sheets and blankets that are breathable and comfortable. Always ensure to wash them with a mild, diluted detergent and fabric softener. 
  • Baby Monitor: If your child is sleeping in a nursery, having a baby monitor will help you know what your child needs and what time. Buy one with long-lasting, rechargeable batteries. 
  • Mobile: You can hang a mobile made out of safe, non-plastic materials over your child’s crib to make them feel comfortable and have something to keep them occupied. Though this is not an absolute essential, new mothers have found them to be very calming for their kids. 


Diapers and the process of diapering can be the most demanding task and owns an immovable place in grocery lists! Here are a few newborn accessories that you will need when changing your child’s diapers: 

  • Disposable diapers and cotton nappies: Try buying disposable diapers in sample packs of 3 instead of bulk buying. This will help you find the best, most comfortable, and safe brand for your child. Reusable cotton nappies are a great and safe option for sensitive baby skin, and buying a few of them can be helpful. 
  • Rash Cream: Buy a good diaper rash cream as it will come in handy more often than you think. You can hold off on buying this until you start changing diapers and consult your pediatrician for an effective cream. 
  • Wet wipes and changing mates: To ensure proper hygiene is maintained after every clean, use mild and organic wet wipes designated for children and a bunch of changing mats to keep your tables and beds clean as well. Changing mats are very handy when you are traveling as well. 


The first thing you’ll want to buy is baby clothes which are comfortable and made from light, breathable material. Buy soft fabrics and avoid buying clothing with a lot of glitter, embellishments, buttons, and other decorative items, as they can be a choking hazard or cause skin rashes. 

Don’t buy too many clothes either as children tend to grow out of them sooner than you can think. Buy items like sleeping suits and they are designated for easy changing and superior comfort. Ensure you stock up on socks, gloves, and caps to keep your child warm and a swaddle cloth to keep them warm and protected. 


Other kids accessories for easy handling of your children can include items like: 

  • Diaper bags: This is one of the most essential accessories you can have, which is a diaper bag big enough to fit all baby changing and cleaning accessories you will need while traveling. 
  • Car seats: Car seats are a must for new parents who frequently use their cars as a mode of transport. Buy a stroller as well so you can take your child around nice, pleasant walks as you do your grocery shopping and run other errands. 

How to Organize Your Child’s Accessories?

With all these items piling up, you might find it hard to always keep your house clean and free from piles of stuff lying on the floor. Well, here are a few easy tips you can leverage to ensure neat and efficient organization of the accessories for baby: 

  1. Use the space under the crib: If you feel like there are too many things lying around and you don’t have space for them, use the space under your child’s crib. Only stash items that your child will not eat or are used for cleaning your kid.
  1. Drawer Organizers: Use a drawer organizer to segregate the items you put into your drawer. You can use it to segregate clothes, toys, bath accessories and so much more! 
  2. Add a Shelving Unit: If your child likes to fling around all their toys across the room, or if you’re constantly used to seeing toys across the floor, add an inexpensive shelving unit outside the nursery. This gives you a quick option to stash or grab your child’s toys as and when they need them, keeping them off the floor when they are not in use. 


Having high-quality, effective baby accessories can make both the parent and the child’s life much easier. 

Investing in them early on can ensure that you don’t lose sleep to over-working and over-worrying yourself because everything you need to keep your child comfortable is within your reach!